Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on Piggies in NJ Part 1

Time flies….piggies were in NJ for nearly a week now. As I can see, they are really having a wonderful time there. Piggy boy got his first glimpse of snowflakes when they were about to land in Newark International Airport. His wish came true for him. He still gets to experience end winter /spring . * Piggy boy, enjoy yourself to the fullest and learn as much as you can during your short stay there.* College starting in May . Enjoy all you can.

I went to collect his result this morning and there was a long queue . I have about 10 person in front of me and my heart was pumping extra hard..... well when my turn came, I introduced myself as Piggy boy's momsie . The teacher really kept me in suspense..first, she gave all the testimonial, school leaving certs and six more subjects certs to me. Then she ticked on the chart and she gave me the school magazine . In my heart I was thinking" come on hurry up...I can't wait to see my son's results" haha.. so the long awaited moment came...she flipped the stack of exam slips and finally found piggy boy's slip and passed it to me. She said to me...he did well. Haha.... he did fairly well.... I have no complaints, infact he had done his best so that is most important.

7As and 3Bs. " keep up the good work Piggy boy and I am sure you can do much much better when you go to college" .

Pictures taken by piggies when they first landed in NJ...they wanna showed us how much fun they had .....**piggy gal ,I think they wanna make us envious..... (^__________^)

Snowflakes on the window of airplane.....Piggy boy got his first glimpse of snowflakes
before landing

Over Iceland where the outside temperature is - 60 degrees celcius

Airport which shows thick snow surrounding it

Daddy and Piggy boy outside a Japanese Restaurant
where they had their Japanese seafood buffet lunch @USD17 per person with 200 types.
Eat till they drop! (",)
Guess who's growing taller and who's growing fatter?

Piggy boy at the huge carpark outside of Bloomingdales, Sommerville New Jersey

This is for Piggy gal to see...ur favourite fruit,
Daddy taught Piggy gal how to take a comparative photo compared with the 20sen

Aih....don't have to tempt us with this lustrous red juicy big fruit.
USD7 for a pack.....then don't forget to bring home a few packs .
Seeing is believing! (",)

Daddy at work explaining his reason on placement and 
types of cabling ends and number of incoming cable runs and faceplates.

Wa...Daddy oledi acting like a big boss (",)

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