Friday, March 14, 2008

Future Graphic Designer - Josh Chia

Piggy boy's masterpiece - Cover Design for
Anderson School Magazine 2007

I am a proud momsie…proud that Piggy boy did well in his exam, proud that he is now mature in thinking, proud that he can help his daddy in oversea project, proud that he is a good listener to family members and friends and now am even prouder of his achievement in school activities!

After his class teacher gave me the school magazine for year 2007, I just put in a big envelope together with his certificates, seven of them. I did not bother to read it till late last night and gosh…. the cover design was done by him. Well done, Josh ! I considered you an all rounder person and I am very proud that you have contributed something to your school.

I have posted it on my blog…so that speaks volume. Of course, it is nice…simple and classy in outlook. That was your school tie right? Come to think of it now, I remember you washing your tie and ironing it and taking pictures of your tie and then stayed up late to do some photoshop thing. So this the outcome….a wonderful surprise and a nice piece of artwork.

Hope that you will continue to contribute something to your college when you start your course in May. I know someone is anxiously waiting to welcome you! (“,)

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