Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Piggies in NJ - Part 3

Piggies sent back pictures of the food they ate in NJ. What they wanted to show us was the American portion of food which we Asians can’t finish except for growing young adults or big eaters. In comparision the portion served over there is double the size of our portion. Daddy says the best is the beef..somehow he says it tastes different too. They really enjoyed the food there as we can see from the pics.
Piggy boy was telling me that the pizza there costs about USD 12 –13 a pan, the size which double Pizza Hut’s large. The best he has ever eaten. Wow….so Piggy boy , you better eat as much as you can but not Daddy. You have been assigned to take care of Daddy diet over there. Piggy Gal will hold you responsible should Daddy gains extra. ^ ^

A quick view from the car park in front of Penang, which is a chain of Kopitiam style of eateries all over New Jersey .... they serve local Penang/Thai styled food ..... so u wont feel homesick. Err but be prepared to pay US3.95 for roti canai .

Takes 30mins journey along 287West, New York which is one of the many Highways in US. Over there most of the highways are free of toll

view of the interior

A quick view of the interiors of Penang

Say grace before eating? Since when?

This was what Piggy boy ordered at a typical American Diner ...
burger it actually very huge and it wont fit your mouth , he ate with fork and knife

Thai styled satays.

The complete set for only US3 plus

Juicy and tender ....typical American Steak

Steak and Mashed Potatoes, see the size of the portion takes about 40%
of the plate's area. Soft, tender, juicy nicely grilled flavour
makes your mouth water, slurrppp just looking at it

Nice Sui Yoke from an Asian market place in NJ.

Look carefully, see whats inside the chee cheong fun?
Its wrapped around a stick of yau char kwai !!

Close-up of Chee Cheong Fun with the yau char kwai wrapped inside

Fried To fu from the Hongkong Dim Sum Restaurant

Piggy boy and Brian planning their attack on the Sushis

This is the buffet line and only one part there are three other
 lines of food not including desserts

Selection of Japanese food from the Buffet line

Thai Styled Fried Vermicelli/Meehoon

Fried mussles in sweet sour sauce style

US Nasi Lemak Malaysian Styled

Roti canai? Anyone? Only US3.95 .... curry is actuall not bad ..... nice if you are homesick for Malaysian styled curry.
Mee mamak ala US style .... a bit sweetish.

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