Friday, September 28, 2012

Spaghetti With Basil And Leftover Stir Fry Clams

What do you do with the left over dishes ?  I cooked a kilogramme of clams for last last Sunday lunch . It was delicious but a kilo...ok we were gluttons...we tried to finish it off between the two of us but alas we were too full, so I told Wild Boar not to worry, cling wrapped them and keep in the fridge. I  used it for the spaghetti I was going to cook for dinner.  This was the outcome of what happened to the left over clams from lunch :)   It was not just the finger licking good garlic and chilli sauce from the clams but the additions of homegrown basil and tomatoes that makes this pasta delicious.   Even Wild Boar loved it !  The basil gave  the extra flavor needed for the bland spaghetti.  I wish my dinners can be simple like this all the time :p. I prefer pasta to rice!

This type of clams are meaty and sweet. I love it ! slurrrp slurrp slurrp :)

Spaghetti With Basil And Left Over Savory Stir Fry Clams

Boil the spaghetti till al dente.  Drain off excess water.  Mix in the savoury stir fry clams and basil and toss it till well combined. Served hot.

Savory Stir Fry Clams 


1 kg of sea clams 
5 bird's eye chillies - chopped
5 cloves of garlic - chopped 
2 tbsp of fermented bean paste aka ' tau cheong', 
1/2 tsp of sugar for taste
2 tbsp of grapeseed oil

corn flour


Heat up oil in wok over high heat, add in the  chillies,garlic and fermented bean paste and saute till fragrant, add in the clams and covered with the kuali lid for 15-20 mins. When the shells are open , it is ready for dish-up. Add in the thickening and a bit of sugar. Served hot.

Have a great weekend !

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  1. Elin, this is so flavourful and tasty. Great use of leftover!

  2. mouthwatering clams! i think next time i will purposely save some of these clams for pasta!!


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