Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pizza With Leftover Teriyaki Roast Chicken And Fresh Pineapple

If you don't know what to do with leftover teriyaki chicken from dinner, try this ! Make your own pizza with it as topping and garnish with lots of fresh pineapple...mmmm and before serving , shake as much as you want with parmesan cheese on top of the pizza.  This is what I did with the leftover teriyaki roast chicken we had .  I had one whole pizza all to myself and Wild Boar had one bigger one for himself.  The fresh pineapple was a great accompaniment for the teriyaki chicken.  I find homemade pizza tastes just as good as those from Pizza Hut :) of course, this is my opinion !  :)   I like my pizza to be more gooey and cheesy, thus I always add more mozzarella cheese to it and not to forget a good shake of parmesan cheese too !    If I am not watching the calories, I  would love to have more pizza in my diet.   They are easy to make and less washing :p   Not to mention, it is a delicious meal to have every day !

The pizza dough can be made a day before.  The toppings for pizza is versatile. You can have fruits and veggies or you can have seafood or you can have leftover roasts.  And the dough can be shaped free form :)  I don't even have to use the rolling pin. I use my palm and press them into any shape and thickness I want.  Throw in whatever ingredients I like and tada....I can have my dinner in 30 minutes. Baking time is only 20 to 25 mins.  I remember my Piggies will shout "Yay, Yay!!! Pizza for dinner ! "   haha those were the days and now they are away from home and I am the one in the house to shout   "Yay! I am going to make my own pizza with these left over teriyaki roast chicken ! "   :p

I added some chilli flakes from Domino's Pizza
love the heat from the chilli flakes

fresh pineapples adds tangy and refreshing
taste to the pizza....mmmm yummy ....

I like more gooey and cheesy, thus added mozzarella
on base and top before baking :)

love love the aroma wafting out of the oven
while baking .......

I used the same Crispy Pizza crust recipe from

Have a nice day !

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  1. Great use of leftover, Elin. The pizza looks mouthwatering.

  2. Günaydın, ellerinize,emeğinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve nefis görünüyor. Ayrıca çokda iştah açıcı.


  3. Looks good. There's pizza in my blogpost tomorrow... Hehehehehe!!!

  4. WOW, that looks SO GOOD :D


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