Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kimchi Jjigae With Homemade Kimchi

Two weeks ago I made some Kimchi , and boy , it was so good that I am glad to tell you that  'practice makes perfect ' really works for me.....this is the fourth time I have made kimchi and this time it tasted better than the previous home people bestowed this title on me  ' Kimchi  Queen' and ' Wasabi Queen ' and I kinda like the title given...  LOL!   I eat them stand alone as a condiment or cook them in soup or stew :))) it tickles my senses just thinking of it !  Yea...salivating what else!  Anyway, not many people like kimchi but for Piggy Jo and myself , we both love it !  Josh is beginning to like it since he has been eating at Korean restaurant recently but for Jo and myself, we simply live with it :p

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pickled Tofu Cubes In Herbed Olive Oil

I am a tofu lover.. Its health benefits are numerous, and the ways you can prepare it are innumerableI have even tried making my own homemade egg tofu :) but I have never tried making pickled tofu ! I am curious how it would taste like after being pickled with herbs infused olive oil for a week at room temperature. This recipe was taken from the Flavour Magazine the February, 2011 issue. Yea, this magazine is a year old  :p and it is only now that I started trying out the recipes from the book. I have bookmarked this recipe a year ago but only got around to try it recently.  Tofu is so versatile that you can make anything out of them :)  You can eat this pickled tofu as a stand alone or as topping for bruschetta or as a condiment side dish for your meat or fish dishes.  The magazine suggests topping for your bruschetta but I served them as a side dish/condiment for porridge me it was good and I will be making this again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pasta With White And Brown Button Mushrooms - One Dish Meal

Anything pasta will do for us especially with lots of fresh shrooms in it :)  For me , a one dish meal would be perfect especially when the other half is not well.  Yeah....Wild Boar was down with flu the last few days.  Fever and followed by cough :(  So , I was the stay-at-home housewife for the last few days  !  I have my driving licence in my wallet all the time but my driving skill is rusty - I have been chauffered around all these years , so for the sake of the other drivers on the road , it is better I stayed away from the steering wheel  :p ( yeah , I know how helpless I can be when I can't drive myself around - always depending on WB -  now the driver is sick ....I have to stay at home most of the time :p  ) I wish I could turn back the clock...haih wishful thinking on my part..... 

Thus, I just cooked what I have in the fridge and luckily I had two packets of fresh button mushrooms and I cooked this pasta with the shrooms.   Easy and no fuss preparation -end result something yummy and filling !

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roast Pork Ribs - Valentine's Dinner

I am sure my Piggies would like to know what I have cooked for Wild Boar on Valentine's Day . Well....going out to eat would be fine for me but at our age ( heehee ..though I think I am always 25 ;p ) we don't not want rush through our dinner at the restaurant and make way for the younger couples waiting to be seated. Thus, I told WB that I will prepare our own V's Day dinner ..... I bought 2  ribs from my pork butcher and told him not to cut into pieces . I told him I want to roast it whole....he gave me a funny look and I guess I knew yesterday why he gave me the weird look the other day.   When I chopped the ribs into two , all the herbs coating dropped off the ribs..... so I have to scoop it up back and on the roasted ribs  so as not to waste those flavorful herbs  ( of course WB was not looking when I did that :p  )  Anyway it was one delicious, tender and juicy piece of roast ribs ...FINGER LICKING good !  

Monday, February 13, 2012

' Claypot' Chicken Rice

I was supposed to cook something for our cell group ' CNY Potbless' last Friday. I was really out of idea this time round.  Most probably, the mind was still in a limbo and the body just refused to function . To cook something elaborate, I have to take one day leave , and I could not take anymore leave for I have taken a week's leave for the recent CNY hols.  So, I cracked my head to think what to bring for the potbless party. Something simple and yet flavorful. One dish meal would be ideal.  And all of a sudden , I thought of this claypot rice....simple and yet delicious and I am sure many of the cell groups members would look forward to this.   Quite a  rush one but I managed to to finish cooking it by the time we leave for the meeting.  A simplified one , using just the electric rice cooker instead of starting a charcoal fire stove and cooking it in claypot :p  but after finished cooking it , I served them in a big claypot and everyone said ' thumbs up' for this rice dish  :)  Glad I cooked this , for no one brought rice dish for the nite.  The other cell members cooked veggie dishes and someone cooked nyonya curry chicken.... yummy feast !

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roast Chicken With Ginger Paste

I have been quite lazy lately...after the CNY celebrations.   Eating out with friends and relatives most of the time since I came back from a week stint in KL had made me a lazy momsie :p  And yesterday dinner was having this roast chicken with ginger paste. Simple roast and yet aromatic.  Serve this with gherkin pickles and it was yummy good!  Wild Boar loves it and as long as he is happy with his meal , I am happy too * wink  The way to a man's heart is through the true !

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