Monday, March 25, 2013

Chinese Fried Rice

Sometimes when you have cooked rice for dinner and then at the last minute decided to eat out. What would you do with the cooked rice ?  For me, I will pack them into zipper bag and keep  in the fridge for the next day lunch. I  can be fickle minded at times and experiencing mood swing  of late.  LOL! fried rice is the best remedy for over night cooked rice !   I received some chinese sausages during the CNY two months ago and the sudden craving for these chinese sausages led to the making of this chinese fried rice :)  Read on for the recipe :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Steamed Winter Melon In Chicken Stock

Saw this recipe in one chinese magazine and thought I would like to try this simple and yet delicious dish.  I have not tried using winter melon as a savory dish but many times as sweet dessert/cooling tea.  I love the idea of steaming it with luncheon ham and chinese mushrooms sandwiched between the melon.  The winter melon absorbed in the tasty chicken stock as it was being steamed.  Every mouthful is delicious.  As usual , I don't understand a word of the chinese characters in the recipe but I tried to understand by just looking at the pictorial step by step guide LOL!  Who knows, my version may even taste better than the one in the book...ahem I am just kidding.  Anyway, this is delicious as a savory dish.   All the wonderful flavors were wonderfully absorbed into the melon comprising delicate flavors from the luncheon ham and mushroom. You can imagine the taste permeating your tongue with every bite!  Read on for the simple preparation....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Steamed Silken Tofu & Fish Fillets With Ginger Paste Sauce

I tasted this dish once at the Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant for a birthday dinner , and after which I was craving  for this dish since. As I was savoring each mouthful, I tried to analyse the ingredients used for the paste.  I knew it was ginger paste but it was  flavorful and I tried to used my taste bud to recreate what else was in that paste.  I think I managed to get it just right  :)   It was a simple and savory ginger paste sauce and it was used to generously dressed the fish fillets which was laid on top of the silken tofu and each mouthful was really delicious !  The next morning, I went to the market and bought the fish and a slab of silken tofu plus the most important ingredients....old ginger , spring onions and bird 's eye chillies to recreate this on to see how this dish is being created and prepared :)  hope this was not a copyright infringement on my part LOL!

Pickled Vegetables

I was inspired to make some pickles after reading Wendy's  Pickled Cabbage And Vegetables post.  Who doesn't like pickles :)  It is really appetizing and it is so easy to make them.  It is good to have these pickled veggies available in the fridge whenever you feel like having some pickled veggies to go with your roast chicken or roast beef.  I made some last week using Wendy's recipe but omitted the cabbage.  It was yummy good.   Read on to see how easy her recipe is :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Steamed Stuffed Petola In Chicken Stock

I love petola !!! love the spongy texture .  Bought one long petola back for RM3.80 from Jusco.   At first I wanted to just braised  with silken tofu and wood fungus.  But when I opened the freezer, I saw my frozen chicken stock and I say " hey might as well stuffed the petola and steamed in this chicken stock. I don't like to keep the chicken stock too long in the freezer.  It is better to finish the stock within the week.  I have a packet of fish paste in the fridge and wow, I know what to do with the petola .  Read on for this simple and yet delicious stuffed petola steamed in chicken stock

Toyota Parts Hub ?

Most people like Japan made cars like the Toyota.  I am poor in identifying car models anyway.  And I don't drive. I am chauffeured around by Wild Boar all the time :p  He is thinking of changing to a toyota model . He told me there will be no problem to find toyota parts if we were to change to a Toyota model.  Toyota Parts Hub specializes in discount Toyota parts and OEM parts for any Toyota or Scion vehicle.  They have thousands of parts in stock and they have a team of dedicated specialists available to assist you.  They can get you the part you need NOW, and at unbeatable pricing!  With this Toyota Parts Hub, you will have no problem finding parts or accessories for your toyota car.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Oven Fried Chicken Wings In Papilotte

Chicken wings are selling at RM10.90 a kg at Jusco.  They looked fresh and big , so I bought a few back and instead of deep frying them ,  I oven fried them instead.  Not so oily and it tasted good.  It uses little oil and not so messy.  It is cleaner and healthier too :) but of course chicken wings are not really good for health.  High in fat but I love to indulge in it once a while :p  Eat everything in moderation  and you will be fine :)  Read on to see how it is being prepared.......

Chives Omelette

I have been taking it easy of late and cooking something simple and eating simple is good for me.  Taking medication for my tennis elbow has really wipe out my appetite :(   We had porridge with salted egg and chives omelette.  I just don't want to move my hand too much and Wild Boar commented that doctor asked to rest the hand and not to move it too much...hahaha but this stubborn Momsie replied.." I am not moving my hand but only moving my  fingers" ....thus blogging helps exercise the fingers LOL!   I have been on leave since the 5th and the doctor may extend another few days...whoot ..whoot....have rested the hand but not the fingers though :p   Anyway, I make this simple chives omelette for our lunch.  Simple yet delicious !  Read on to see how this simple chives omelette is prepared.....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stir Fry French Beans With Salted Egg Yolk


With the fragrance from the sauted salted egg yolk, curry leaves, bird's eye chilli and garlic,  these french beans do taste awesome.  I can just have this alone for dinner with a bowl of piping hot rice.  I have been looking out for something simple easy and can be whipped up in just ten minutes.  A dish that is appetizing.  The hot weather is really killing us.  Hot and humid arrgh......I don't feel like eating too but thank God, with this fragrant dish, I managed to slurrp down a bowl of rice :)  I baked Chicken Wings in papilotte for Wild Boar :) Will be sharing in my next post.   Read on this see how this dish is prepared..........

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spinach Ball In Chicken Stock

Wild Boar is bored with stir fry spinach, so I look around for something refreshing, something different. I saw this dish on a chinese magazine but because I can't read chinese character well I can't really cooked this dish exactly as it was shown on the magazine.  But I think it is just chicken stock with wolfberries , poured onto the blanched spinach  LOL!   Whoa, it all guessing game and I think I got it 80% correct ,  the spinach absorbed the tasty chicken stock making it delicious. It was indeed something different from my usual way of cooking spinach  :)  Read on to see how simple this dish is done ( my version of course )

Uncle Aldo's Birthday Gift

Uncle Aldo's  birthday falls on April 17th but because he will be with his daughter in Perth  on that day,  Wild Boar and myself want to celebrate his birthday for him before he goes to Perth.  Uncle Aldo is an old friend of my father-in-law and we have always celebrated his birthday for him .   Now , it is the same question gain ...what to get Uncle Aldo for his birthday?  Wild Boar suggested that since he loves cigars, we might as well get him the best one from the Smoke Shop. All we have to do is to purchase on line and get the famous smoke shop coupon codes . codes for a better deal. why not ?  One coupon code per customer.  Will check out what this one coupon code per customer is all about  :)   I am sure Uncle Aldo will love his birthday gift !

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hot & Sour Tofu Slices

This is another appetizing dish from Wendy's blog Table For 2 or more ,  that I have bookmarked. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to test it out and gosh , it was really really good.  The combination of the sauce ingredients makes this dish explosive.  The hot tangy and almost pickled like onions flavor sauce coated the tofu slices, making the combined taste and flavor explosive.  The hot chillies gave it the oomph needed for this tangy dish.   Fantastic ! and I am glad I remembered to bookmark it :)  Read on  to check out the recipe.

Extra Microphone For Family Day Karaoke

We are planning for our office  Family Day , this coming April.  We have to organize games and treasure hunt for the office staff and their family.  One of the issue brought up during the discussion for our Family Day   was the outdoor games and an extra microphone is needed for the karaoke session to be held after dinner.  My boss has approved the purchase of an extra microphone and he asked our treasurer to get the funds ready so that we could get to buy blue yeti at GC . I am looking forward to our Family Day which is always full of excitement and adventure.  I bet the treasure hunt would be fun and I am looking forward to crooning a few songs for the karaoke session :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Oven Fried Onion Rings

This is something I baked for the Piggies when they were home for CNY...a finger food to go with the cold beer.  Something simple to whip up and yet finger licking good.   Yea...Oven Fried Onion Rings !!! It is addictive and healthy too coz it is oven fried instead of deep frying. Crunchy chips on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside....whoa, the perfect food to go with the beer.  Heaty maybe but definitely much healthier :)  But seeing them downing down cans and cans of cold beer , I am not worried the heat gets to them .  Read on to see how easy it is to make this onion rings finger food :)  

Jade Yoga Mats

More and more people are going for Yoga classes. My church friends are asking me to join their yoga classes after hearing that I am suffering from ' tennis elbow '. They thought that I played tennis and got myself into this situation LOL! the fact is I did not and I injured my muscle /tendon when I was potting around the garden . I may have caused the injury while lifting a heavy pot.  Now seeing my in pain, they asked me not to do gardening anymore and join their yoga exercise instead.   Well, I think I might join them after I fully recover from this stupid injury.  I need to get ready a jade yoga mat for the Yoga class.  I think ordering one online will be cheaper and more so it is made from eco-friendly materials.  I understand that for every Jade Yoga mat sold, Jade Yoga will plant a tree mmm  a good cause no doubt and I will definitely give them my support !

Spicy Sesame Eggplant/Aubergine

I have some aubergine/eggplant in the fridge , leftover from making the aubergine omelette a few days ago.  I will be cooking simple for another few tennis elbow still gives me the ache  :(  anyway, we still need to eat and eating out most of the time is not good for me.  I still have to cook light dishes for our dinner . I googled for eggplant dishes and I came across Martha Stewart's Spicy Sesame Eggplant and I got bewitched by it.  This is a dish  that will have you eating non is  spicy , tangy and aromatic.   The sauce that coats the eggplant strips is so  flavorful that when you put on strip on your tongue, you could immediately taste the flavors of garlicky hot chilli , the sharp  tangy lime juice and the aromatic sesame.....the combination of these flavors made the eggplant addictive !  Love it and I think for people who loves eggplant, you will definitely love this preparation :)    Do read on for the recipe taken from Martha's website.

Josh Bought A Bunn Airpot For Himself ! :)

I am happy that my Josh has finally settled down in his new place. He recently left for Singapore after securing his dream job.  You know as his Momsie , I am worried whether he is eating well and I will be chatting with him , asking this and asking that until he said " Mom, please, I am not a child anymore "  I am doing fine and you dont have to worry about me.  Yesterday, I went shopping and bought myself a airpot for brewing my coffee ! " boy is now a grown up young man so I do not need to worry anymore for him :)  He told me he chose his BunnAirpot from best selection of airpots and he has the best cup of brewed coffee before he start work.  What can I say anymore to him ?    I can only say " Well done , son ! "  LOL!
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