Saturday, June 22, 2013

Buffet Lunch @ Tao Cuisine, Giza Sunway

Piggy Josh and Elaine met up with us at Tao Cuisine, Giza Sunway for a All-U-Can-Eat buffet with full table service.  It had been four months since I last saw my Piggy Josh :p miss him much.  I see Piggy Jo more often coz she comes back more often than the brother.  We had a wonderful time just eating and yakking .  You can check out their menu from here and you will know what we had.  We didn't manage to eat all but be assured, we are coming again for more :)   Piggy Josh gave us all this wonderful treat with his first pay and also to celebrate Parents's Day  :)   Read on to check out what we had :p 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tofu With Bai-Ling Mushroom Slices

Eating light is good for me after all the heavy meals I had with friends the past few weeks.  I decided to open up a can of Bai-Ling mushrooms which I bought a few weeks ago and trying to replicate a tofu dish I had at the restaurant . The Bai-Ling mushroom has a rubbery texture like the abalone slices :p but only this is a mushroom.  I steamed the tofu for 5 mins. Make a oyster sauce gravy , put in the bai-ling mushroom slices and pour over the steamed tofu.  Garnish with garlic crisps.  Gosh , it tasted at good as those served in restaurants :p  A simple dish but yet packed with flavor.  The garlic crisps gave the dish a subtle garlicky flavor.  Ymmy! I will cook this dish again and not get bored with it.  I am glad that with this simple cooking, WB is happy helping out.  Thank God for a wonderful helper and life is much easier while my arms are healing :)

Bai-Ling mushroom aka  'mock abalone'

Kate Overcomes Insomnia After Yoga Classes :)

A friend of mine just join the Yoga classes and she finds that after a few classes, it has helped  her overcome her insomnia.  She is happy that she can sleep better now and she has decided to complete the beginners   She is searching online for some yoga gear and accessories.  To her delights, she found yoga mat , yoga props like yoga strap for her not so flexible body and a matching yoga mat bag  and some yoga towels on the website .  She found some good yoga books and yoga dvd that will guide her in practising at home.  She is so into Yoga that she can't help talking the whole time we met up for lunch.  I guess I have to give her a listening ear LOL!  I am happy that at least with Yoga she manage to overcome her insomnia :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chinese Long Beans , Preserved Radish And Meat Patties

I discovered that adding chinese long beans and preserved radish to the meat patties makes a lot of difference.  It tasted much better and the meat patties have more flavor to it.   Easy to whip up and you can dip it with  Thai chilli sauce or wasabi ( I am a fan of wasabi ) so needless to say , I ate them with wasabi...haha it was real appetizing and we each had 6 pieces !  Talk about detoxing...hmmmmm I don't know whether I will be able to discipline myself to do it  :p  Read on for the recipe...simple homecooked patties are much more versatile and healthy * wink

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kimchi Jellyfish Salad

This is a simple to prepare Jellyfish salad. It goes well as a side for your grilled chicken or bbq meat.  I decided to use kimchi as a salad dressing and it blends in well with jellyfish.  This is so appetizing that I could just eat it alone with the grilled meat. Healthy and great appetizer.  I served it with grilled chicken for Wild Boar.  Too tired to cook anything elaborate.  Throw in some blanched enoki and some toasted sesame seeds.  I will leave it to you to imagine the taste of bland jellyfish with the awesome flavor of homemade kimchi :)  yummy good ! Even Wild Boar loves it :)  Check out the recipe.

Foodpanda - The Answer To Our Hectic Lifestyle!

Life has been hectic of late. Work in office comes by the load and all have dateline that has to be met. Whee…I can’t wait for the day to come when I can just tell the ‘boss ‘ off and enjoy the rest of my remaining years with my other half. I don’t mind helping out with the Sunday school activities…teaching the kids is a joy and there is so much fun teaching them craft work and teaching them songs. It is the best therapy for both of us especially with our own Piggies away from home most of the time. Our nest is empty and these kids sure add joy and fun to our lives. With so much activities , we both are dead tired when dinner time comes. So eating out most of the time has been the normal thing to do. I miss out so much on cooking our meals. But due to our tiredness , eating has become mechanical, we just gobbled up our food not being able to appreciate the food at all. And at times , we can’t remember what we have eaten for dinner :) 

We just wish we could have a maid at home to do the housework and cook our meals for us at a time like time. Wishful thinking until yesterday, my friend told me not to fret so much. She has good news for us. She was telling me, there is a new fast food delivery service available with 300+ restaurants to choose from . Gosh , this seems to be an answer to our prayers ! Wild Boar and myself was drinking in what Alice was telling us about this fantastic online food services . After she left us, Wild Boar could not wait and quickly went on line to check the website. It was so easy, we just have to enter the area we stay , then select the restaurant we want ( and true enough , they have 300 restaurants to choose and pay upon delivery. Wow, I am going to tell my Piggy Jo that she can order online too and food will be delivered to her just like that. Her life has been as hectic as ours. Alice is a gem by sharing such a wonderful link with us. Now , we can have a hectic life and yet be able to enjoy good food without the hassle of queuing at the restaurant for our meals . Food delivered straight to our doorsteps !

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Buta Kimchi (Pork And Kimchi Stir Fry )

With homemade kimchi so easily available at home as I made them very often :)  , I tend to use them in stir fry dishes. Last Saturday, I bought two strips of pork belly from the butcher and decided to stir fry them with kimchi. You will never know how good it is until you have tasted them :)  I had two bowls of rice and Wild Boar who is not fond of kimchi enjoyed this dish too. The pork belly was succulent and flavored with the homemade kimchi.  I am so happy that I could make my own kimchi to near perfection now. And it has made cooking simple dishes like this so much tastier and I hope you will want to try making your own kimchi so that you can try this dish out.  I saw this recipe on Marc's blog -No Recipes , and being a fan of kimchi, I will not let this go off my sight :p

read on for the recipe and the link to homemade kimchi :)

Your Happily Ever After Home Awaits Malaysia - Happily Ever After Contest

i-Propery Malaysia is running a contest to help make your dream house comes true. Check the contest page on the for more details and submit your entry early for a better chance to win your prize. Cash prize to help fill up your dream house :) Who knows, you may be the lucky one :) I wish you guys all the best  as Your Happily Ever After Home Awaits!

P/s   -  Got a house for sale or property to buy? Visit iProperty Malaysia

*               *                *

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stir Fry Pumpkin With Black Fungus

I prefer pumpkin that is not too sweet especially the taiwanese and japanese type. I  bought one taiwanese pumpkin to try out and too my surprise it tasted as good as the japanese one :)  I asked my assistant chef ( Wild Boar ) to cut and diced them into cubes. He prepared the rest for me too, soaked the  black fungus and cut into smaller pieces and I taught him to debone the chicken leg and dice them into cubes.  I taught him for free :p   Well, I am thankful that he is willing to help out so that we could have home cooked food more often.  This simple stir fry is good enough for a simple dinner at home :) Tasty and delicious . Slurrrp !  Read on for the recipe :)

An Unlocked Cell Phone For Elaine

Elaine is Josh's girlfriend and she is doing her final semester in UK to complete her degree in business admin. She is taking the same programme as Josh and Joanna.  She left for UK just three days ago and before leaving , her parents bought her an unlocked cell phones to take to UK so that she can viber with Josh and the parents :)  No only she can watsapp Josh all the time but she can even take pictures with her unlocked iPhone.  The world has become much smaller and better connected which is made possible with the modern technology as offered by unlocked cell phones.  Children are very blessed these days.  Parents will give them the best they could afford.  Not just material things like unlocked cell phone but the best education too.  Going to UK to finish her degree will cost a bomb to an average family but still the parents will sacrifice to give the best to their kids.  I used to tell my kids to be grateful and be nice to us parents when they come out to work :)
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