Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bali - Bale Bali Indonesian Chinese Food

Upon arrival in Bali, after we had settled our luggages at the villa we rented for our stay , we went searching for food and we found Bale Bali that offers Indonesian Chinese food . We love the Balinese quaint interior design of the shop , cooling despite being non air con and the food is good too.  We wanted to try everything from their menu but we have to keep some space for some other Balinese food from their warung :)  After having tasted their food especially their seafood, we know we will come back for more , which we did.  They do delivery services and we ordered again their seafood and satay for our supper :p

one part of the wall, they have a small balinese garden deco

from where we were seated, I was testing my skill...the interior
is quite dark :)

love the old Balinese door cravings

love the quaint looking

Momsie always forcing her kids to pose for her
testing my photography skill again :p 
not a good shot but  I promised
I will improve myself ...just give me time okay?

the place is quite dark..every table is provided with 
tea light :) quite romantic actually

this is on the house...a bowl of fresh peanuts
with a pinch of sea salt...I love their wooden bowls

I want to make another trip to Bali for their art and wood crafts

my fried rice with shrimps and veggies
this is so delicious that we came back to this place
 for more..even Josh and Joanna loves it..the shrimps are so fresh

Joanna's salted fish fried rice...delicious too

Josh and Elaine ordered their Bale Bali special fried rice
that came with sunny side egg and some prawn crackers

we ordered their BBQ seafood palate
that consists of Gurami fish, jumbo prawns, squids and
stir fried kangkong...awesome
and we ordered this for our supper 
again but this time we asked them to deliver 
to our good

lip-smacking good ...

the ice kacang with young coconut meat 
is yummilicious

this is their signature ice kacang
with red beans at the bottom
taste good too

*We will definitely add Bale Bali to our list
to eat out when we come back to Bali

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bali - BBQ Seafood @Jimbaran Beach

After travelling an hour from where we stayed, we arrived at Jimbaran Beach whereby there are many restaurants serving bbq seafood. This is one great place to relax and chill out with the family. We arrived in time for dinner and were lucky to find a beautiful spot , where we can look out to the sea and eat at the same time..... the sound of sea waves really calms the soul and the aroma of barbeque seafood fills the air.

No wonder people say Bali is a great place to relax and destress.  My son has been here twice and he loves the place. No wonder he suggested this place for our family holiday together :)  There are two restaurants that served the best bbq seafood... One is Menega Cafe and the other one is Matahari Cafe. Since my son had tried the one in Matahari, he wanted to try Menega Cafe.  Both , according to him , are just as good.  I told Josh , I am coming back to Bali again :) and the next trip, I will stay longer :)  The seafood was so fresh ..especially the jumbo prawns...oh gosh...I am drooling as I recalled the taste of fresh local seafood grilled Balinese style.  The coconut drinks are fresh and and the coconut meat are young and sweet.  

beautiful beach that projects a romantic atmosphere

Menega Cafe is one of the famous bbq seafood restaurant 
besides Matahari Cafe in Jimbaran Beach

another one beautiful shot of the seafront

the daughters and son are having fun laughing at their 
mom getting them ready for the shot...1, 2 and 3 again and
again...hahaha amateur photographer ma
but they still entertained me ...I thank God for these kids :)

time for me to have a photo taken with my daughters 
Joanna and Elaine

another round with Josh and Elaine

families are having fun together eating and relaxing 

our meal came as it was getting the aromatic
smell of bbq seafood

we ordered red snapper and yellow crazy fish 
( dont really know the local name for this fish )
but they tasted so fresh and delicious

Red Snapper @ Rp150,000  per kg

Crazy Yellow Fish @Rp150,000 per kg

for the clams and squids 
Rp120,000 per kg

jumbo prawns
Rp170,000 per kg

fresh and these grilled jumbo prawns

stir fried kangkong 

Delicious meal...worth the one hour ride to Jimbaran Beach from where we stayed

*stay tuned for the next post

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Labor Of Love On A Special Today

These three dishes were prepared by Wild Boar. Truly his labor of love for me hahaha ...sweated in the hot kitchen just to prepare his specialty dish..seafood tom yum . And he also cooked his favorite Pan Fried Tamarind Prawns aka Assam Prawns and Baked Cauliflower for our dinner.  Of course, I was the  unpaid  ' MAID MATE ' helping to get the prawns deveined and other stuff that needed to be done :p  Anyway, it was a sincere  show of love on his part to give me a good meal on this special Sunday. And of course, I did all the cleaning up and washing up after a fantastic dinner .  The seafood tom yum soup was commendable , he added a tablespoon of coconut milk to the soup, giving it a deeper flavor....spicy hot and the tangy-ness was just right. The seafood were prawns, squids and fish fillets.  The aroma of kaffir lime leaves filled the kitchen as the soup was simmering on the stove. 

If Wild Boar wants to take over the apron, I don't mind as he can cook , and I truly enjoyed his cooking even though I have to be his unpaid ' maid mate ' for an hour :)    

flavorful  seafood tom yum soup

oven baked cauliflower...he simply shake in whatever spices
he can find in the fridge....hahaha he added ground almond
thinking it was parmesan cheese...TRUST MEN !

it does not look nice but it does taste yummy
WB's favorite Pan fried Spicy Tamarind Prawns  aka Assam Prawns 


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