Monday, August 30, 2010

French Toast Stuffed With Chicken Ham

Normally , I would prepare brunch for us but yesterday we were hungry when we woke up , so I hurriedly prepare a quick and fast and taste good french toast for the two of us and finished with a cup of hot Turkish Apple Tea for me and hot Nescafe for Daddy. I read from somewhere of this delightful french toast....eggs whipped with heavy cream and vanilla extract ...gosh , how fragrant that was ! Even Daddy said the french toast prepared with this egg mixture taste good and ask to make this more often :)  vanilla and cream and eggs....they make the most delightful french toast and with some drizzles of honey....a perfect toast to start the day......

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rosemary Garlic Cajun And Paprika Roasted Potatoes

Whenever I eat out,  I would try to figure out how that dish is being prepared....I don't know whether you are like me :) but I will use my sensory taste buds to figure out the ingredients used in the preparation...hahaha imagine that piece of food in my mouth and the sensory taste bud begins to work hand in hand with the upstairs brain  to figure out what are the ingredients used . Sometimes I  get it but most of the time failed   :p

I had roast lamb at David's Diner at Greentown Business Centre , a few weeks ago and they served roasted potatoes as side dish and my goodness ... it was one the best roasted potatoes I have was good !  So my upstairs and taste sensory buds work full time and finally .....the outcome of this Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Potatoes ! A very simple and easy to prepare potatoes dish :)  A common potato dish but yet somehow it tasted so good that it makes me want to try it out and see whether I can get it to taste the same as theirs :p

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Get Together Dinner With Jo's Bunny @ Sun Marpoh Restaurant

Piggy Joshua came back last Friday and I arranged for a get together dinner with Jo's bunny for he will soon be leaving us for UK and we thought it was a good idea to have dinner together at Sun Marpoh Restaurant . It's been quite a while since the last meet up and this would be the best opportunity for us to meet up since both Josh and Jo's B was around last week.  I love the simple cooking of this restaurant and they are more towards home cooking :)   The  Indonesian Claypot Prawns Curry ( pic above )  is a must order from this place. I love the curry for they used evaporated milk instead of coconut milk. The fragrance of hot spices really whets the appetite and flavor is fantastic. Below is our favourite...local Brussel Sprouts With Salted Fish ( slightly saltish though )  otherwise it was great..crunchy leaves with the exotic salted fish flavor mmmm... really appetizing . Read on if you want to know what else we ordered for dinner :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Italian Herbs Fried Rice

This is one of my favourite one dish meal - Italian Herbs Fried Rice . This preparation is simple and easy and if you are person who loves italian will surely love this fried rice. My kids have been taught to eat italian herbs whether in  fresh or dried form ,  for this Momsie will use italian herbs in stews ,  pizza , roasts , buns  and pasta and now fried rice with italian !  Crazy over italian can say that but we do really love them and I can tell you this , I love the fresh ones if I have my choice. But for this fried rice, I used the dried ones . It does make the rice flavorful with the beautiful aroma of italian herbs..mmmmm I can still imagine how good this was...a keeper for sure :)  One dish meal is the most welcome thing now  :p especially I am now practically engaged to the idiot box . As long as rice is being served , the Lordship has no complains and what more such a flavorsome and aromatic one for that matter !

Monday, August 23, 2010

Simply Toss Shrimps And Fresh Button Mushroom Spaghetti

Why I named it  ' Simply Toss Shrimps  & Fresh Button Mushroom Spaghetti '  ? Simply because I tossed the spaghetti with the cooked shrimps and fresh simple and yet it is so tasty. I try to cook simple so that I have more time for the idiot box -  ' Born Rich '  a HK drama series I am presently  obessessed watching .....ssshhh  just between you and me....from now on Daddy will have to survive on one dish meal :p  but the one dish meal must look appetizing or else " the wild boar "  Daddy will act up on me (  just kidding ). Thus , my brain has to work overtime if I have to make a one dish meal for us.

Pasta is not a problem in place of rice if I cooked it this way...with lots of herbs and shrimps .  Garlic and mixed herbs are the most important ingredients in this pasta dish.  When I served this to Daddy , I have to make it looks like a pasta dish served in an Italian restaurant or he will think I simply cook and can't wait to go back to my idiot box * wink, which I am actually ! :)  Either I pampered them too much or I simply love cooking and making my food looks great when serving them to the Piggies clan . Whatever the reason , I think food should be presented well so that even if the food doesn't taste good I am forgiven...LOL!  or psychologically, the make up will cover the bland taste then * wink

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fish Papilotte - A Wrap-turous Meal !

I love wrap-turous meals anytime for they do taste fantastically good. Food cooked in papilotte ( paperbag in french )  will have the flavor and moistness locked in.  I saw this recipe in  Flavour Magazine and I use  fish instead of chicken breast.  I am starting Daddy on fish rather than serving him  breasts  ooops chicken breast , I mean , all the time. And surprising this recipe goes well with fish. Crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside and the natural buttery fish oil oozing out as you cut a piece to put them into your mouth. It really explodes in your mouth....gosh ! ask Daddy, he was wowed by the preparation of this fish and he will surely give you a good review on this dish :p  And this is one way to make your man or kid eat fish  :) A keeper for sure. The aroma from the garlic and italian parsley said it all.....mmmmmm a wonderful wrap-turous meal for the two of us. I love all the recipes in the Flavour Magazine and I am sure from now on Daddy will not roll his eyes when he sees me pick up the new issue from the bookstore :p 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Beefburger

I was inspired to make homemade beefburgers after reading Grace's post on homemade hamburger. Josh was back last weekend . I know he loves burgers from Burger King and I pulled his legs telling him I will give him one better than Burger King :p and he just give me his sheepish smile....what? You think your Mom can't make them as good as Burger wait...that was what I told him. I prepared the burgers and buns 3 hours earlier before we went out for our dinner with Jo's bf. He is leaving for UK at the end of August so we thought it was a good idea to have dinner together before he leaves for UK  :) 

Anyway, it took me just about 2 hours to make the buns from scratch. And the beef patties, it took me about an hour to make them and freeze them in the freezer for use later. And another hour to get myself ready for our dinner :p  And all the hard work pays off. 

Grace,  thanks for this wonderful homemade hamburgers recipe which you so generously shared that I managed to make a big giant burger for Piggy Josh that wiped that smile off his face and replaced it with a " wow... u managed to make one that taste as good as Burger King !!!" expression on his face ! Thank you Grace for your generous sharing. I love all your recipes and your blog :) and of course the person too :p  and look forward to all your future sharings * wink

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stir Fry Flat Beans With Deep Fried 'White Gold' Garlic Pips

You must be wondering what 'white gold 'garlic am I talking about ..yup I called it 'white gold 'because the price of garlic has shoot up from RM3.80 to RM8.90 per kilo :( - due to the flood in China and Pakistan and this has caused the price increased

I am crazy about garlic and I cook most of my dishes with them.  I even roast my chicken with them...crazy right ? But it is what enhances the flavor of my food. I just have to pay more from now  :(   Nevermind the cost as long as I get to savor them :)) and the thought of them in my all my food helps wash away my Monday blues :) Garlic also enhances chilli sauce as a dip for any roasts besides using them in my cooking !

Today, I just want to share with you  a simple and yet delicious stir fry flat beans ( if I am not mistaken, from the French Bean family )  with just sea salt and deep fried  ' white gold' garlics . Love the simple taste and the sweet aroma of garlics and red chilli .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Savoury Pan Fried Shrimps With Sesame Seeds

Shrimps are beautifully shaped little sea creatures , their almost translucent body have always fascinated me especially when  I see them in hopping around in aquarium tanks at the restaurants. Their long feelers are like fine wavering magic wands . They reminds me of water dancers  :p  When I see fresh shrimps in the market, I will not hesitate to purchase some back. Buy first and think what to do with them later ! I can consult my cookbooks for ideas :p  There are many ways to cook shrimps but I prefer to cook it simple so that you can savor its natural sweet and flavor of fresh seawater...mmmm yummy one of my favorite seafood which I can only afford to indulge in once in a blue moon :p  Flavorsome on the outside and tasty natural sweetness and flavor of the sea on the inside. What a wonderful way to eat a shrimp..Two taste in one ! :p

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roast Chicken Leg With All'Arrabiata Spice And Yoghurt

All'Arrabbiata spice is used in italian pasta sauce . Arriabiata means "angry style", named as such due to the heat of the peppers. It is an Italian hot spice that consists of hot crushed pepper, dried garlic, dried tomatoes, carrots, celery, salt  , parsley and dried mushrooms .  

Piggy Cuz gave me a packet of this spice a month ago. At first I didn't know what to do with them . I searched the internet on how to use it.  After reading up on it ,  I decided to use it to marinade the chicken legs and roast them for our dinner.  Great explosive flavor and every mouthful of the roast tasted so good that I will use them again and oneday when the Piggies are back I will cook as pasta sauce for them . Seriously, it makes a good marinade on meat . I just discovered that it is a great complement for meat besides  pasta :)  Thanks Piggy Cuz for this magic portion !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yoghurt Fish Curry

I had the most wonderful durian sambal with yellow tail scads and Daddy had his yoghurt fish and squid curry for our dinner two nights ago. As promised here is the post on the fish curry.  Instead of using coconut milk , I used yoghurt and this curry turned out delicious despite the fact that it is a yoghurt curry :p Of course , the curry King  Daddy can tell the difference lol!  Curry with coconut  milk  has a  thicker texture and the taste is richer than yoghurt curry but for me even though the gravy is thinner , but its aroma is the same because I pound the spice paste ...using the mortar and pestle.  Healthier using yoghurt instead of coconut milk  . I don't know about you , but I love to have yoghurt in my dessert , curries and roast :) I am a big fan of yoghurt !

Monday, August 9, 2010

Durian Sambal - A Delicious Spicy Condiment !

Durian season is on, Daddy has been buying durians and eating them like nobody business.  It can be addictive especially if you love durians.  Like to some people,  the smell can be quite offensive or overpowering, but to some, it is heavenly. For me, I love it in sambal, cheesecake and in ice cream . Yesterday I fermented some durian pulps (tempoyak ) and make them into sambal - a local spicy condiment . Sambals are usually served as an accompaniment to rice and curried dishes, either as a condiment or as a side dish. A very appetising accompaniment to fish. I added salt to the durian pulps and leave it to ferment for a day covered on the counter top. Not many people know how to eat this sambal except the local malays. It originates from the Malays. After many years of working with my malay colleagues, I grew to love this sambal and never fails to make some during the durian accompaniment for fried fish...
 y    u   m   m   y  and    f  i  n  g  e  r  - l  i  c  k  i  n  g  good !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crab And Chilli Pasta

I thought I will be sent to the gallow by the King for cooking a one dish meal for dinner yesterday and guess what ? The King / Lordship Daddy actually enjoyed this pasta dish with crabmeat and chilli .! Better than those served at the Italian restaurant lol! Just kidding…. I was inspired after flipping thru Curtis Stone book and saw this awesome pasta. Thus did a bit of adjustment according to what ingredients I have,  I served this pasta fit for a King ….King of the house of course :p

Simple and delicious ! And you can slurp it down with those explosive flavor tingling your tongue and have you craving for a second helping . This is a keeper for sure. I heart Curtis Stone not just because he is hot but his cooking is so relaxing , simple and yet taste good. This is what I want….simple yet delicious :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crunchy And Tangy Jellyfish Salad

Traditional jellyfish is preserved in salt or brine, it takes time to soak and de-salt it , it needs to be lightly blanched before it can be made into salad. Jellyfish is basically bland but it will absorb any flavor you add to it. I love the crunchy and chewy texture. 

I saw some nice cleaned and ready to cook jellyfish sold at the central market and bought some back to make salad with it. It can be served as an appertizer...very refreshing with pickled onion rings, pomelo pulps, shredded carrots, coriander shreds , ginger flower and lemongrass and dressed with thai sweet chilli sauce and toasted sesame seeds as garnishing....mmmmm you tell me whether this is good or not good.  :) of course it can be addictive with the crunchy jellyfish and the wonderful tangy and sweet dressing that goes with it.  I can have the whole plate all to myself :p

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fresh Sea Clams Pasta

I prefer my spaghetti cooked with lots of garlic and cherry tomato and with the addition of either clams or shrimps and that's what I did for our Saturday dinner.  Easy to fix and yet delicious...a one dish meal that we both like and as for me , easy job...and back to my idiot box.  A day I can relax and watch my movies and browsing through my two new books....thinking what to bake next :)  Daddy doesn't like his spaghetti with  bolognaise sauce so this preparation is just perfect for the two of us....for once we share the same taste...ahem :p

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