Monday, June 25, 2012

Smoked Salmon Stuffed Eggs

I am not supposed to eat eggs that often. So when I have the opportunity to eat them , I want to make sure that the eggs prepared must be worth the priviledge of partaking yet another egg * wink .   I found this egg recipe with two of my favorite ingredients...salmon and sour cream  :p and you can guess..I can't wait to savor them !  But instead of using smoked salmon  , I used pan seared salmon for the fillings .  It tasted just as good :)   Trust me , this is good.  I made 4 halves pieces , two for WB and two for myself.  I packed the eggs  with the mouth-watering  filling . I wish I could have these every day ....seriously, the salmon goes well with the sour cream and the italian parsley adds herb-y flavors to the fillings !   It is healthier to use sour cream than mayonaise.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wild Boar's Day @ Sushi Zanmai - The Gardens

The happy but at the same time tired Wild Boar celebrated his ' Wild Boar's Day ' at Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens.  Tired because we travelled all the way from Ipoh to KLIA  and  after sending off our Piggy Josh off to UK , we checked in at the Boulevard Hotel  at 7pm and  after which we adjourned for Japanese food at Sushi Zanmai...( in our salted state LOL)....thus the tired looking us  :)   We love this place..the food is not bad and reasonably priced too.  Each time we are there, we have to queue for 3/4 hour - 1 hour to be seated.  According to Piggy Joanna, the place is forever packed and if you are hungry, you can forget about this place unless your are there early.   By the time we checked in and settled down, it was past 8pm and by the time we sat down to eat, it was almost 8.45 pm....anyway if it is not to celebrate WB's ' Day' we would not have eaten here, for the place was really packed.   Anyway, we were tired and not really hungry, we just stay in the queue and join the mad crowd......LOL! worth the waiting...the food was great !   We had a sumptious meal and had a great bonding time together. Unfortunately Piggy Josh couldn't join us for the feast, his plane took off at 7.30pm that night...but we had our bonding together at the airport chilling away at the Secret Recipe before he checked in for his flight to UK :)))

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
to Wild Boar
 to all my 
readers who are fathers !

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lime And Honey Beet Salad - French Fridays With Dorie

This week recipe for FFWD is Lime And Olive Beet Salad.  I have all the ingredients in the fridge so making this healthy and delicious ( if you like beet that is :p ) salad is not a problem.  Most of the time, I have beets in the fridge...for juices and for pickles.  They are full of anti-oxidant besides other minerals and nutrients.  This is a simple salad...a burst of interesting flavor  - the earthy, almost mineral flavor beets, the sweetness of the honey and the tangy flavor from the lime and vinegar . This is a good addition to a main course salad, especially in summer with grilled trout or chicken .  My Piggy boy is in UK now and I asked him to make this salad for himself.  He is also a good cook from the food photos I see on his facebook  LOL!  He has my genes alright ! * Oink

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roast Chicken In A Salt Crust

I saw this recipe on Joe Pastry  and I knew I had to make it to satisfy my curiosity as to how good this chicken would taste wrapped in salt crust and roasted for 75 minutes !  It was one of the best roasted chicken I have ever tasted and I really really loved it.   According to Joe, salt crusted chicken is a French preparation that makes up in razzle-dazzle what it lacks in presentation.  This technique produces a subtly seasoned and extremely moist bird .  Wild Boar and myself ate the whole chicken with the stuffed veggies and boy, it was so flavorsome...the aroma of baked bread and the Rosemary herbs and lemony smell really whet up our appetite.   Joe, if you are reading this...thank you so much for this lovely French preparation that makes chicken  cooked this way so flavorful. A keeper for sure :)   Do hop over to see the passion in his work and the generosity in sharing what he knows about baking techniques.  I clicked on " Who is Joe Pastry " and read about his life and I deeply admired what he has had gone through. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Winter Melon With A Twist

Most evening, after a hearty dinner, I will be glued  seated in front of the idiot box, watching the food channel most of the time... trotters wrestling for the channels...he wants to watch his channel and I want my food we draw a line....he records his programme and leaving me the evening to watch my korean dramas and my food channels....I won the wrestling coz I am the Queen Sow ! LOL!  Just kidding, he is named Wild Boar but he is a gentle boar and always giving way to me...hahaha  okay I have digress a bit but it has something to do with this winter melon.  Saw this on Astro....and I tried to replicate this dish and turned out to be great...especially , I added dried scallop to the soup !   I make this for my Piggy Josh when he came back last Friday :)   he loved it and Wild Boar show the fingers sign...  thumbs up ! LOL!  So he was happy I cooked this for him after watching the chef did this on Astro ! :p    A simple and tasty dish which I will add to cook list for the coming CNY reunion dinner...yea I know it is still a long way from now, but just the same, a great dish to add to the CNY menu :)

Winter Melon can be cooked as dessert or savory dish like the one above.  Most of the time I will cook it as a cooling tea for the family , especially on hot weather like now.  But last Saturday,  I cooked the melon with a twist....after watching the Chef 's demonstration. No recipe given .  I tried to replicate his dish .  It looks so good on screen that I have to buy the ingredients and make the dish myself and my taster confirmed it that it was good...for people who eat western food most of the time can say this is good , I trust Piggy Josh's review on my this dish !   He say it is good, the flavorful soup soaked into the steamed winter melon and the woody smell of the fresh mushrooms and the dried scallop gave it the oomph needed to flavor up the dish.  He rated it 8/10 !!! hahaha that is why I love my Piggies so much :p  They always give me good ratings for my food :)) I am sure they are smart as not to offend the Chef of the house !  Okay...not my recipe , I copycat it from Astro LOL!


cut the melon into neat squares...the  leftovers 
melon of all sizes can be used for making the chinese cooling tea...
steam the square melons for 20-25  minutes -
for me , I steamed it for 20 minutes and it turned out perfect
over steaming will have you a mushy and soft melon

 fresh mushroom ( Shimeiji ) ...saute with olive oil and 
chopped garlic till soft and cooked...

boil dried scallop, wolfberries and red dates
with 2 - 3  cups of water till aromatic and the
scallop is soft...under medium low heat....add in chinese wine
and chicken stock and a pinch of salt for taste..
boil for 3/4 hour....

assemble the sauteed mushrooms and
dried scallop and wolberries on top of the
steamed melon

I gave the melon dish a twist by adding dried scallop was not in the dish presented by the
Chef but I added it for Piggy Josh ...he loves dried scallops!

pour the wolfberries and scallop soup over the melon
gosh, it smells good and I knew it would be tasty
as shown on Astro and I managed to replicate well :p

scoop the melon together with the soup and the first 
mouthful had my Piggy Josh enthralled...the texture
of the melon was perfect and the soup
was tasty and the dried scallop gave the soup
its natural sweetness....awesome !

A beautiful dish that I want to share with you guys....
saw the demonstration on Astro.....and after which nothing
one can stop me from making this dish !

Have a blessed day !

*          *          *

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