Monday, May 25, 2015

Hot And Sour Pork Trotters In Pressure Cooker

Today's dish is really appetizing - Hot and sour pig's trotters .   After a tiring day, running around in town, I came back tired and not in the mood to cook.  Then Wild Boar reminded me that the parboiled pig's trotters that is cling wrapped in the fridge need cooking. Gosh, I have a kitchen helper don't I ? Yes...I have a helper... okay, I told him I will have dinner served by 6pm.  I dumped all the ingredients needed to cook this dish into the pressure cooker...yes my Philips Pressure Cooker :p  and pressed the beef/mutton button mode and pressure cooked it with Kept Pressure Time 30 mins.  And after I had my bathe...the dish is ready to be served.  This is the best thing that we bought after my retirement ...fully utilised! hahaha...  

This hot and sour pig's trotters really smell amazing...believe me, the flavors is surprisingly intense and the meat tender and juicy.  The trotters tendons were cooked to perfect softness ....gosh I took more than I am allowed...hahahaha I love every mouthful of the flavorful gravy.  Two bowls of rice I ate...hahahaha so satisfying and tiredness vanished and energy replenished !  My Wild Boar happy with meat  and I am happy with the soft tendons of the trotters.  Tomorrow...have to walk two more rounds at the Polo ground....sweat sweat and burn burn the fat :p

I make sure all the required ingredients are mixed well 
together with the parboiled trotters before I pressure cooked it 

this is the result after pressure cooked it for 30 mins
the meat and tendon are tender soft...aroma is sealed in
yummilious !

 Hot And Sour Pork Trotters In  Pressure Cooker


half a pork trotter- cleaned and chopped to bite size pieces ( the butcher will do it for you)

5 dried chillies
3 pieces of dried tamarind  ( assam keping )
4 cloves of garlic - crushed
1 tbsp of thick soy sauce
1 tsp of sea salt
water just enough to cover the trotters


Parboiled the pork trotters pieces in hot boiling water.  Drain off water and keep aside.
Add the parboiled trotters and the rest of the ingredients into the pressure cooker and pressure cooked it for 30 mins.

NOTE:  If you are not using a pressure cooker....put all the ingredients into a heavy stainless steel pot and cook under low heat until the trotters are will take about an hour and half for the trotters to be tender soft.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Steamed Parrot Fish With Fermented Bean Paste of my favorite seafood..hehehe of course fresh clams and fresh oysters are top on my seafood list. I was at the wet market a few days ago and I saw some fresh parrot fish.  The price is RM18 per I bought two home since they looked very fresh.  By looking at the eyes of the fish...if they still clear..they are fresh, mom taught me this when I was a teenager and now pass on this info to my daughter.  I steamed it with fermented bean paste and garlic and chilli and gosh it was good.  Seldom get to buy these fish...I understand they are from Sabah sea...mmmm who cares as long as they are fresh. 

they look good and taste good

steam with fermented bean paste

Steamed Parrot Fish With Fermented Bean Paste  - WB's Kitchen


1 parrot fish  - or fish of your choice -  remove scales and guts, cleaned

saute together
1 1/2 tbsp of fermented bean paste ( tau cheong)
1 tsp of chopped bird's eye chillies
1 tbsp of chopped garlic
1/2 tbsp of oil

sliced spring onions


1)Place cleaned fish on a steaming plate.

2)Saute  (A) in non stick pan for a few mins till fragrant .  Take out and place saute mixture on top of fish.

3)Put steamer to boil.  Steam fish for 8 to 10 mins till fish is cooked.  Do not oversteam the fish or the texture of the fish will be tough.  Garnish fish with spring onions and serve hot.

Enjoy !

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stir Fry Aubergine With Sweet Pickled Radish And Dried Shrimps

A simple stir fry for dinner.  I  remember I still have a few aubergines/ eggplants in the fridge.  I flipped through my lastest cookbook and found this simple stir fry eggplant dish.  I knew it would taste good by just reading through the recipe and the ingredients involved were just sweet pickled radish, minced meat and dried shrimps.  Throw in some homegrown spring onions and tada...this dish is to die for. 

this stir fry is packed with flavors......

this dish will be added to the table from now on :) thumbs up

Stir Fry Aubergine With Pickled Radish And Dried Shrimps
 -adapted from Hawker Secret Recipes 


450g aubergine/eggplant
70g chopped sweet pickled radish
70g minced meat ( pork/chicken)
20g dried shrimps -chopped    
1 red chilli -chopped 
4 bird's eye chillies - chopped
1 tsp chopped garlic
50 ml water

spring onions - sliced     

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp light soy sauce
a drop of dark soy sauce
1 tsp sugar

a tbsp of' shioxing wine '


Cut the aubergine into strips, parboil in the hot oil, drain well and keep aside.

Heat up 1tbsp oil in the hot wok, saute chopped garlic and dried shrimps until fragrant. Add in minced meat, stir fry briskly until cooked. Next, add in aubergine, chopped pickled radish, red chillies and bird's eye chillies, toss well.

Add water and seasoning, stir until well combined. Splash in 'Shioxing ' wine .Dish up. Garnish with sliced spring onions and serve hot.                                                                

Monday, May 11, 2015

Braised Chicken In Philips Pressure Cooker

Seriously, after having bought this electric pressure cooker, my retired life is made easier :)  Seriously tastier food in a short time !  People say pressure cooked food is take the joy of cooking.  But let me tell you that it is not the case.  This cooker can do everything and it is not just a dump everything in and cook thing.  We still have to marinade the meat or saute the veggie first before putting into the cooker.  The benefits are we don't have to watch over the stove fire and less cooking taste better because the aroma is deeply infused into the meat....and lastly the meat remains juicy and tender.  I marinated one half chicken breast with a wing still attached with my own special sauce..ahem....actually I took whatever sauces and dry herbs  available in the fridge and mix them together and marinate the chicken meat.....and of course chinese cooking wine.

this how the marinated chicken looks like after a few hours

lay a piece of parchment paper on the base
for easy cleaning and at the same time act as 
collector of drippings from the chicken as it is cooking
away in the pressure pot 

place the marinated chicken on the base,
set the pressure cooker to bake mode for chicken.
It took just 18 minutes for a braise and you can extend
the baking time if you want a more burnt look but I wanted
a braised chicken with a bit of gravy from the marinade sauce

this is how the braised chicken looks like
after the bake process in a pressure cooker

the meat is tender and juicy and not to forget to 
mention it is finger licking good...aromatic too

Braised Chicken In Philips Pressure Cooker - From WB's Kitchen

half a chicken  - clean and with skin on


1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
a pinch of ground black pepper
a drop of thick soy sauce
1 tbsp of dried oregano herb

Marinate the chicken with the marinade for an hour.
Lay the pressure cooker base with parchment paper with 1 " up the side .
Place marinated chicken on the paper.
Close the lid of pressure cooker and set mode to bake for chicken.
It takes 18 mins for the whole process.
If you want the chicken to be more brown and have a burnt can extend the baking time.
As soon as the mode has changed to keep warm.  Off the electricity and take out the chicken .  Once the chicken has cooled down.  Cut into bite sizes and pour the gravy from the drippings over the chicken and serve hot.

Enjoy !

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dinner @ Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh Garden South

It had been a while since I last had dinner with Claire and my former cell leader Jennifer Liew and hubby. Happy that tonight we were able to meet up with them for dinner @ Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant as Jennifer and Claire are also travelling and jet setting away .  So much to catch up with one another....and guess what ?.... we had a WONDERFUL fellowship and a great dinner !  We would have met more often if not for each of our own busy schedules 

Weng Kee Restaurant serves good food and WB loves their signature noodles ( pic above ) and he ordered a small portion for us to try out.  We had rice too with the dishes we ordered. Their Stir Fried Sambal Kangkung (Water Convolvulus) is good and their Braised Yam With Shrimp is to be recommended too.  Claire and I simply love this yam dish :) And I would recommend their signature Buttered Fish...crispy and crunchy...mmmmm I really love this buttered fish dish and I think I ate half the fish...hahaha I guess there goes my careful diet.  

Stir Fried Sambal Kangkung

Braised Yam With Dried Shrimp

Signature Tofu Dish

Buttered Fish

the two queens seated are Elin and Jennifer
the standing princess is Claire :)

the happy church family

Anyway, we had a great time eating and laughing together reminiscing good old times .

20, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 6,
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Telephone : 605-545 1215, 6012-517 3686 (Michael Chan)
Business hours : 11.30am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 10.30pm.
Closed on Wednesdays.

*             *             *
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