Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Chilli Sauce For Hainanese Chicken Rice

When having Hainanese Chicken Rice, a must have is a good chilli sauce. I was introduced to this beautifully blended chilli sauce by my daughter. Everyday we have long telephone conversations . Topic ranges from food, furkids to bible verses. My daughter who is also my best friend stays in Australia, so it's a long distance relationship but fortunately technology has brought us nearer. We can WhatsApp call or zoom to see each other. Sorry for the short digress, back to our recent conversation on food we cooked, she recommended this chilli sauce that she makes everytime she has chicken rice.  I tried it out and guess what? It is a must have chilli sauce and today I made a big batch for keeping in the fridge. It is a tangy, sweetish and flavour packed sauce for chicken rice . Once I had it , I became addictive to it. A must have chilli sauce when having poached chicken . It is easy to whip up too. It is made up of fresh red chillies, bird's eye chilli for extra heat, garlic ,ginger, sugar ,salt and vinegar . 
 Sometimes I add a tablespoon of oil from the soup after poaching the chicken , it gives the chilli sauce the extra oomph

Chilli Sauce 
12 pieces of fresh red chillies
3-4 pieces of bird's eye chillies
5-6 cloves of garlic
4cm piece of young ginger
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp of vinegar or fresh Calamansi Juice
2tbsp of chicken fat from the steamed chicken.

1. Blend the first 7 ingredients in an electric blender till fine. Take out the chilli mixture and adjust seasoning to your taste .
2. Stir in the chicken fat into the chilli sauce when serving.

If storing in the fridge for long keeping ,do not add chicken fat. Add only during serving time. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Stuffed Vegetable / Yong Liew

Stuffed Vegetables with minced meat fillings, pan fried in little oil till cooked and then cooked in fermented soybean paste  is one of our favourite dish to have for dinner. It is known as ' Yong Liew' in Cantonese language. The meat filling is made up of minced dried shrimps, minced pork, finely chopped garlic , with pepper and soy sauce seasoning. It makes a very tasty meat fillings for  vegetables like, Bittergourd, Egg plants, fresh Red Chillies, Long Beans, Red and Green Peppers. Can be served as a stand alone dish or added as extra ingredients for noodle soup. It involves a bit of work but worth making as it is a very versatile dish and tasty.
It is a very delicious dish served 
with fermented soybean paste gravy, adding a tsp of preserved  black beans to the gravy gives it the extra oomph and brings the dish to the next level

this dish involves a bit of work but worth it. Delicious and full of flavours 
Pan fry the stuffed vegetable first to brings out the umami taste of the dried shrimps that has been added to the meat fillings . And the slightly fried meat fillings gives the dish the extra fragrance

Fillings ingredients 
350 gm Minced pork with a little fat
2 tbsp of chopped dried shrimps
1 tbsp of light soysauce
1/8 tsp of white pepper

Vegetables of your choice
Red pepper/ Green Pepper, Bittergourd, Egg Plants, Okra, Red Chillies, Long Beans.  

Ingredients for Fermented Soybean and Preserved Black beans ( Tou Zi) Gravy 
1 heaped tablespoon of fermented soybeans ( taucheong )
1 tsp of preserved black beans ( tou Zi )
1 red bird's eye chilli - chopped
2tsp of sugar
1 tsp of dark soy sauce for colouring
1cup or more of chicken broth or water
1 tsp of minced garlic
2tbsp of cooking oil
Saute minced garlic in oil till fragrant, add in fermented soybean paste, chopped chillies , and preserved black beans and continue to stir fry for a few seconds till fragrant ,add in chicken broth or water and dark soy sauce and simmer till slow boil. Add in the pan fried stuffed vegetables and continues to simmer till the gravy boils. Dish up .


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Weather is hot and humid with scatter showers now and then. And I have been hooked on ' The Good Doctor ' for the past few weeks thus had shelved the idea of  making this delicious Matcha Ice Cream. Yesterday was craving for ice cream so had to take a rest from watching the Netflix  drama for a while to make the ice cream I  have been wanting to make. Bought this brand of matcha powder ( NikoNeko ) from their official store from Lazada, after a friend introduced to me. No regrets, it is fragrant and the vibrant colour reflects a good quality grade. 
There are many grades of matcha powder. Once opened it must be consumed within 2 to 3 weeks as matcha powder oxidised fast. That's why buy in small quantity unless one is operating a cafe or bakery whereby consumption is fast flowing. 

I used RICH's Korean Double Heavy Cream and Niko Neko Matcha Powder for this ice cream
and the texture is smooth and this is the matcha powder I have been looking for.

Niko Neko Matcha Powder, great for ice cream and in your latte drinks

Recipe link : Click here 

Have a good day!


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