Monday, October 30, 2023

Edendale Farm, Eltham

My Sourdough Bread making friend Rachele from Melb was supposed to meet up with me last week. We were to go have coffee at the cafe there at Edendale Farm but last minute,she couldn't make it as her kids were not well. She told me I would love the place and that I should visit with my family,so I went there with my daughters and truly it was a nice place to visit. Took some photos with the farm animals there
for memory sake. This farm is in Eltham very near to where I stayed. Below are some photos we took when we were there.

entrance to the farm 

me and the goat
Hubby and his temporary farm friend
One month plus kids
Me feeding the female goat
Kids running to grandpa lol

colourful farm chickens
Miniature Shetland Ponies 
Assorted colourful flowers
Poppy flowers are starting to bloom

Poppy flower 

I will definitely come back to Edendale Farm when I am back in Melbourne 

Friday, October 27, 2023

64th Birthday Celebration

This year I celebrated my 64th birthday with my children in Melbourne. I have not seen them in person since COVID started. We only zoom each other.So this year , time for us to fly over to see them. We are here for 2.5 months and my birthday was celebrated here with them. We had a great time , started in the morning, we all drove to Yarra Valley and had a great time there. Daughter and her hubby gave us a birthday treat at Quarters at Herbert. Food was great. After that we visited Napoleone Cider Orchard Bar and tried out their Apple and Pear cider. Their orchard has Mi apple trees, Pear trees and Pink Lady Apple Trees. All has blooms and some have small apples growing already. Will be ready for harvest in two months time.
Daughter-in-law baked a beautiful and delicious Watermelon Cake for my birthday. It was a surprise birthday cake for me after our dinner celebration at Sichuan House. A very delicious dessert after the delicious Sichuan food at Sichuan House. Thank you to my Kiddos for making my 64th birthday a memorable day.

My daughter -in-law makes the most delicious cake. Well done!

the inside of the cake with a layer of fresh watermelon

Friday, October 20, 2023

Carne Asada

We were treated to Carne Asada for dinner. Prepared by our son-in-law. "Carne Asada" means 'grilled beef' in Spanish.  The beef cut has to be marinated in citrusy juice and chopped coriander . Marinated overnight, the flavour infuses deeply into the meat. The beef must never to overcooked. My son in law cooked the beef over the Barbie on his deck. He made a tomato salsa and avocado cream to go with the Carne Asada. He lightly toasted the Tortillas over the Barbie. Dinner was good.  I will try make Carne Asada when I am back in Malaysia. We even had the hot Habanero sauce to go with it. 
the beef chunks were so flavourful 

the tomato salsa was flavourful too
the marinated beef must not be overcooked...this is perfectly grilled beef
I must buy these back when I leave Melbourne 

For recipe you can click link here

Yeosin Asian BBQ, Doncaster Westfield, Melbourne

Yesterday my daughter took us to Doncaster Westfield to have lunch at a Korean Restaurant. The restaurant is Yeosin Asian BBQ by Korean Kitchen. The food was good. A fusion of Korean and Japanese dishes. Hubby ordered Wagyu Sukiyaki Donburi with egg but he forgo the egg yolk as it is served raw . Daughter ordered Unagi Grilled Donburi and I ordered Seafood JjamBbong Udon. Me being a seafood fan of course will order anything seafood 🤪 we ordered Gimmari a traditional Korean style Crispy Seaweed Noodle Rolls that comes with kimchi and beansprouts banchan. 

They served Korean bbq but they have lunch menu too. We just had Barbie at home so we skipped their BBQ and have their lunch set instead. The meal was delicious and prices are reasonable too. 

love the ambience...quiet during lunchtime on a weekday

Unagi Grilled Donburi

Seafood JjamBbong Udon

love the broth and all the seafood in that thick seafood umami broth

Wagyu Sukiyaki Donburi...served with a large amount of Wagyu beef

We ordered a side Gimmari that comes with kimchi and beansprouts

Thank you to my FBB for such a wonderful delicious Korean lunch.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

4 Shapewear Shapes Worth Adding to Your Wardrobe

Consider a world in which every piece of clothing hugs your curves. Wearing clothing that draws attention to your best features. It makes you feel like a million dollars. What if I told you that you didn't have to envision it? With these four fantastic closet additions. You'll be sure to turn heads and reignite your style game.   Today, we are embracing a world that celebrates curves. Confidence reigns supreme. You will revolutionize your wardrobe. Welcome to the realm of fashion and function. Four exceptional shapewear classics await to transform your wardrobe from the inside out. 

Waist Trainer Corset:

Nothing beats the timeless allure and functionality of a waist trainer corset. It's like a reliable friend who is always willing to lend a helping hand. Waistdear offers a beautiful selection of custom shapewear waist trainers. They are designed to fit you like a glove.   We create these waist trainers with high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. 

Whether you are looking for waist trainers for everyday use or a special occasion, you'll find various solutions to suit your needs.   Furthermore, if you're planning for Black Friday, Waistdear offers a fantastic opportunity. You can get these exceptional clothes at unbeatable costs.   

Accept the hourglass body you desire. Make sure you're ready for the impending discounts.


Body Shaping Bodysuit:

An excellent choice for full-body coverage and support is a body-shaping bodysuit.   These shapewear miracles can modify your silhouette. They give you a sleek and toned appearance. Waistdear's odysuit is designed to target specific areas and ensure the greatest comfort. 

These bodysuits are a flexible addition to any wardrobe. They highlight your curves or smooth out any trouble areas.   The seamless nature of this shapewear allows you to wear it beneath a variety of clothing. Nobody will know your secret. 


Slimming Leggings:

Slimming leggings are a more casual and everyday alternative. These leggings aren't average. The waistdear collection includes built-in shaping features that help you streamline your legs.   There is no need to be concerned about the odd hump or bulge. Slip into these leggings, and you'll feel confident and comfortable all day.

They offers slimming leggings in a variety of styles. These styles range from basic black to trendy textures.   Their soft, breathable fabric makes them ideal for being active and doing errands. These leggings are versatile and stylish and deserve a spot in your closet.


Seamless Shaping Shorts:

Last but not least, seamless shaping shorts are indispensable. They provide a quick and easy solution for managing your belly and thinning your thighs.   These shorts are designed to look smooth and appealing under any outfit. They work well with your favorite jeans or a beautiful dress. 

Shapewear shorts are noted for their incredible comfort and flexibility. These products, made of high-quality materials, allow you to move. You can enjoy the benefits of shapewear. These shorts are ideal for everyday use and are available in various sizes and designs to suit your needs.


Adding the correct shapewear to your wardrobe can give you the confidence and comfort you seek. These shapewear alternatives won't let you down. Waistdear offers wholesale shapewear outerwear, waist trainers, and body shaping bodysuits. This line has something for everyone. 

Whether you're preparing for black Friday bargains or seeking everyday solutions. These shapewear alternatives won't let you down. Add them to your wardrobe to improve how you feel and look in your favorite outfits. 



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