Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Beef Curry With Dhall and Potato

Yesterday we had Chapati with Beef Curry. After my chemotherapy, I have added Chapati into my menu. Kicking out rice from my diet.  Chapati is made from Atta flour which has low glycemic  value. Good for Cancer survivors. So learning to cook all types of curries has become my passion. I cooked a pot of Beef curry using freshly ground curry paste bought from the market. Fresh curry paste makes the most delicious curry. Just tell the seller I want curry paste for beef / chicken curry or dry curry. The spices are slightly different for wet and dry curries. This is a simple curry  to whip up for Chapati or noodles. I just need to blitz shallots,garlic,ginger and lemongrass. Cut some potatoes and soaked Dhall overnight. Give the Dhall a boil to soften the texture further. Other than time taken to boil the Dhall, the rest is plain sailing.  Hubby gives the thumbs up for this curry. Recipe is posted below.

this curry is delicious... so flavourful
that is is finger licking good. Goes well with Chapati ( Indian flat bread ) or with Noodles. 

this is the best stage of the cooking...the wet curry paste and blitz onion mixture
are being saute till oil surfaces..the aroma whiffing out of the pot is so heavenly good
season the tenderloin beef slices with meat curry powder before adding them to the curry paste

these are the ingredients used for the curry...coconut milk too which is missing in the photo

Beef Curry with Dhall and Potato

Beef - tenderloin - cut into slices and marinade with 1 tbsp of curry powder
Potato - cut into small chunks
Dhall - soaked overnight and boil to further soften - keep the water ( to be added to the curry
Two sprigs of curry leaves
Wet curry paste from market - ( I told the store lady ,curry paste needed for 1 chicken 🤣
1/2 cup cooking oil
1/2 cup thick coconut milk
Blitz ingredients (A) tog in a chopper till finely chopped.
8 Shallots
4 pips of garlic
1 inch of ginger
1 stalk of lemon grass- slice thinly

Heat up 1/2 cup oil in cooking pot. Add in the blitz ingredients (A) and curry leaves and saute under med low heat till aromatic, add in the fresh ground curry paste ( rempah basah) and keep stirring till oil surface . Add in the beef slices and continue cooking till meat is cooked thru. Add in the soften Dhall together with the water and the potatoes. Cover with lid and let the curry simmer under low heat, constantly stirring the curry to prevent burnt till Dhall and potatoes have soften. Last add in the coconut milk. Give the curry a quick boil.  Off heat and curry is ready for serving.

Friday, August 4, 2023

Tomato Egg Taiwanese Style

This is a very simple dish yet delicious. It's a stir fried tomato and egg dish cooked Taiwanese style.  A friend whom I looked up at cooked it and it inspired me to cook it too. I googled for the recipe and found the recipe to my liking . No ketchup involved. Just one tomato chopped finely as a sauce for this dish. The rest of the tomato is cut into small wedges. Just 5 ingredients is used. Tomatoes , eggs, spring onions ,oil and soy sauce as seasoning. Easy to prepare for busy and working people. A keeper for me as a cancer survivor, ketchup and sugar is a no no. 

 it's tasty...can be eaten as a stand alone dish and goes well with rice

I like the fact it doesn't use ketchup but use finely chopped tomatoes and cook till it turn as a sauce for the dish

whisk eggs and fried till texture is firmer and smooth as scrambled egg

Click here for the recipe

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