Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jo's Birthday Treat For Momsie Elin :)

An early birthday dinner for Elin...yea , my birthday falls somewhere in the mid of October :p  and Piggy Jo came back in early October to celebrate together with me.  She , being the filial daugher , gave me a birthday treat and of course it is not the food that melts my heart was her thought that was so sweet , told me ..." don't cook...mommy, I will take you and dad out for dinner "  awwww how sweet that sounds :p  So the four of us...Jo, her fiance ( yea she got herself engaged to her Bunny ,just a month ago :))  and Wild Boar and Momsie Elin  went to Li Garden Restaurant , Ipoh to celebrate the birthday girl's  ' 25th ' birthday . I am 25th every year  LOL!    I was too lazy to bake myself a cake so no birthday cake this year :) 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fried Rice Fusion Style

What do you do with the pot of rice you have cooked in the morning and in the evening, last minute they off the water supply to your housing estate for 3 hours without informing the residents staying in your area ???   That was what happened to my housing area some days back.  I had to chuck the whole rice pot into the fridge and go eat at some coffee shop out of my area :(    Thus, I came up with this fried rice since overnight rice is best for frying.  I once had this italian herbs fried rice from the food court and it tasted so good that I went there often to have their italian herbs mushroom fried rice .  The ingredients they have in their fried rice is just italian herbs and some chopped dried mushrooms and black pepper.  Just these few ingredients and their rice tasted so good.  I tried to replicate but since I don't have dried chinese mushrooms, I substituted with streaky bacon bits and dried shrimps.  Wild Boar likes dried shrimps in his fried to make everyone happy , I just go along with WB and added dried shrimps into the fried rice and flavored it with more shakes of italian herbs :)  And guess what ? everyone is HAPPY with this one dish meal ! Read on for my version of a fusion style fried rice :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crispy Baked Lemongrass Chicken Wings

When I saw this finger licking good wings on Angie's blog - Seasaltwithfood ...I  said to myself  " hey Momsie , this is too good to be true...baked in oven and yet crispy  ! MUST try it out then ! "  And now let me tell you how good this is :)  Finger licking good no doubt and what more it is so much healthier than those BBQ or deep fried ones !  You must try it to believe it.  I added some potato flakes  to the flour mixture to give it more texture and crunch.  I love this and I shall make this for my Piggy Jo when she is back . She loves chicken wings. You can use chicken legs too which I tried out and it gave the same crispy crunch on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside.  The lemongrass and lime leaves ( limau purut ) makes the wings so flavorful and fragrant. Thank you Angie for so generously sharing  the recipe with us :)  Do hop over to Angie's blog for more delicious food and bakes :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Small Kucing's Coral Lobster :)

Last Wednesday, Wee Kean, Mamarazzi, Small Kucing  and WK's parents dropped by Ipoh and specially invited Claire and myself to join them for dinner . Kathy and Wee Kean were kind to share with us the coral lobster they brought down from KL.  We had dinner at the Crab House Restaruant in Ipoh Garden East and the chef steamed the lobster with ginger, rice wine and egg white and garnished with spring onions. It was beautifully prepared and we enjoyed the lobster dish very much.  Thank you Wee Kean and Kathy for this scrumptious dinner :)  and we enjoyed the fellowship with your parents too !

Friday, October 12, 2012

Claypot Braised Shiitake Mushroom With Pork

I still have a packet of dried shitake mushrooms sitting in the fridge drawer -1 pkt left from last year CNY  :)  Wild Boar has a sudden craving for these thick and succulent mushrooms cooked in his favorite style -very much like 'Tau Yu Bak ' yet slightly different. Thus, I , being the glutton cooked half packet LOL!  His style is to simply braise the mushrooms with any cut of ' his cousin ' - I would prefer the belly part but he doesn't want the fat, so we bought the lean cut with a thin layer of fat :p .  

You can eat this dish with porridge or rice.  I can tell you that two bowls of rice would be the minimum for me, a person who wants to cut down her rice intake :p  Really,  the thick and succulent mushrooms with the flavorful gravy absorbed in.... is heavenly indeed ! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pizza With Leftover Teriyaki Roast Chicken And Fresh Pineapple

If you don't know what to do with leftover teriyaki chicken from dinner, try this ! Make your own pizza with it as topping and garnish with lots of fresh pineapple...mmmm and before serving , shake as much as you want with parmesan cheese on top of the pizza.  This is what I did with the leftover teriyaki roast chicken we had .  I had one whole pizza all to myself and Wild Boar had one bigger one for himself.  The fresh pineapple was a great accompaniment for the teriyaki chicken.  I find homemade pizza tastes just as good as those from Pizza Hut :) of course, this is my opinion !  :)   I like my pizza to be more gooey and cheesy, thus I always add more mozzarella cheese to it and not to forget a good shake of parmesan cheese too !    If I am not watching the calories, I  would love to have more pizza in my diet.   They are easy to make and less washing :p   Not to mention, it is a delicious meal to have every day !

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