Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fried Rice Fusion Style

What do you do with the pot of rice you have cooked in the morning and in the evening, last minute they off the water supply to your housing estate for 3 hours without informing the residents staying in your area ???   That was what happened to my housing area some days back.  I had to chuck the whole rice pot into the fridge and go eat at some coffee shop out of my area :(    Thus, I came up with this fried rice since overnight rice is best for frying.  I once had this italian herbs fried rice from the food court and it tasted so good that I went there often to have their italian herbs mushroom fried rice .  The ingredients they have in their fried rice is just italian herbs and some chopped dried mushrooms and black pepper.  Just these few ingredients and their rice tasted so good.  I tried to replicate but since I don't have dried chinese mushrooms, I substituted with streaky bacon bits and dried shrimps.  Wild Boar likes dried shrimps in his fried rice...so to make everyone happy , I just go along with WB and added dried shrimps into the fried rice and flavored it with more shakes of italian herbs :)  And guess what ? everyone is HAPPY with this one dish meal ! Read on for my version of a fusion style fried rice :)

This one dish meal is so appetizing, flavorful and the italian herb really blends well with the other ingredients.  For some hotness, I added some bird's eye chilli and WOW... this fried rice fusion style is a meal to look forward to :)  Fried rice is so versatile...you can add any ingredients you like and it will still come  out nice.  This is good for busy people like me actually and I wish I could add more of fried rice into dinner meals for Wild Boar but he being a meat person...I can't implement fried rice often unless incident like this happens often whereby I have overnight rice in the fridge all the time LOL!

 a bowl of this will have WB and myself happily
tucking in ...yumm yumm

love the italian herbs in fried rice...so fragrant and plus the
bacon bits and dried shrimps....gosh, a few shakes of italian
herbs really did wonders to my fried rice.....:)

Fried Rice Fusion Style
serve 2 person


2 bowls of cooked rice
3 slices streaky bacon - fry till crispy and chopped to bits ,
3 tbsp of dried shrimps - wash, soak and give it a pound in a mortar and pestle
1 tbsp of italian herbs/ mixed herbs
2 cloves of garlic - chopped
3-4 bird's eye chilli - chopped
2 eggs - whisk with a dash of salt and white pepper
a dash of ground toasted black pepper

Method :-

In a wok,  fry the bacon till crispy , dish out and chopped to bits.  Retain the oil from the fried bacon in the wok, add in chopped garlic, italian herbs and chilli and pounded dried shrimps and stir fry till fragrant. Add in the cooked rice and bacon bits , continue to stir fry under high heat till well combined .  Add in eggs and fry till the eggs are cooked and mixed throughly with the rice.  Dash a few shake of black pepper and salt to taste. Dish up and serve hot.

Enjoy and have a nice day !

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  1. This is certainly very fusion - italian herbs with dried shrimp....never heard of thus combo in a fried rice before. I 'm very intrigued, bookmarking this to try another day. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Esther...yea, when you eat it then you will know what I mean that it is a great combo :) you must try it out :)

  2. Oh, so your water supply was cut off too eh? I was bathing halfway and suddenly the supply just stopped, luckily I still could rely on the 'tangki' water.....fusion rice looks yummy!

    1. Cheah...mine all change to direct piping...that is why I will be the first to die if there is a complete cut off of water suppy for a day LOL! seriously , I have to depend on rain water then :p

  3. LOL!!! With streaky bacon bits and dried shrimps, how can that possibly be not nice? Bet it tasted like heaven!!! Yummmm!!!!

    1. Arthur...yea..it is heavenly...every mouthful packed with bacon flavored plus dont forget the dried shrimps plus the italian herbs....you are so right..HEAVEN on earth ! :p

  4. Thank God it has never happened to me before! Love the smell of bacon & it adds flavour to any dish. Very nicely done!

  5. Shirley...LOL! yea, not in the middle of bathing...cooking is not so bad :)

  6. my area here also happened a few times for the last 3 months. dont know why they only do it in the late afternoon where people wants to take bath and do cooking:) oh, are you talking about the fried rice in wolley? i've seen that but never tried that before!


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