Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jo's Birthday Treat For Momsie Elin :)

An early birthday dinner for Elin...yea , my birthday falls somewhere in the mid of October :p  and Piggy Jo came back in early October to celebrate together with me.  She , being the filial daugher , gave me a birthday treat and of course it is not the food that melts my heart was her thought that was so sweet , told me ..." don't cook...mommy, I will take you and dad out for dinner "  awwww how sweet that sounds :p  So the four of us...Jo, her fiance ( yea she got herself engaged to her Bunny ,just a month ago :))  and Wild Boar and Momsie Elin  went to Li Garden Restaurant , Ipoh to celebrate the birthday girl's  ' 25th ' birthday . I am 25th every year  LOL!    I was too lazy to bake myself a cake so no birthday cake this year :) 

These are the dishes we ordered for the dinner and these are their signature dishes..there are many signature dishes but since there are only four of us, we ordered what we can eat and like :)   The food is good and I don't mind going there again to try out some of their other dishes.  Love the crabs wrapped in bread...I did try to replicate it some time ago after having tasted the one here.   

Kon Chin Tau Foo (Fried Beancurd with Squid And Shrimps Garnishings)

Sweet Sour Crabs Wrapped In Bread 

Sam Dan Yuen Choy (Three Eggs Spinach)

Claypot Pork Belly With Salted Fish 

Thank you Piggy Jo for the scrumptious dinner !


No 57, Laluan Pinji Seni 4,
Taman Pinji Seni,
31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Telephone : Mr Chan (6012-500 2135), Mr Liew (6012-518 3370)


  1. wow..what a lovely birthday dinner....
    Happy Sweet 25th Birthday once again!! :)

    1. Claire...yea, simple dinner but delicious :) The thought is most important :p Thank you:)

  2. Many happy returns of the day, looks like you're always 25! Food looks good, never heard of this restaurant before....may want to try out.

    1. Cheah...25 at heart ma :p thank you for the birthday must go there and try it out...not bad the dishes there :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Elin, sorry for my late wishes..

  4. Sonia...thank you...better late than never :)

  5. oh, happy 25th birthday! dont be naughty!

  6. How sweet of Jo!
    Happy belated Birthday!
    Now could I have some of the sweet sour crab please? Looks delish!

  7. 25th, eh? Happy birthday, Elin. I guess it would be closer if not spot on the actual day by now :) ... or am I too late?
    Such a lovely day!


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