Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bacon Pumpkin Parcel

A simple and easy to whip up starter...Bacon Pumpkin Parcel .  It is just simply a few slices of japanese pumpkin wrapped in streaky bacon and pan fried till bacon turns crispy on the outside and pumpkin slices are cooked till tender.  A smooth and sweet pumpkin puree goes well with the bacon pumpkin parcels. I love the simple outlook yet full of flavors.  As the parcels are being  pan fried, drizzle rosemary infused oil on the gives out a beautiful aroma of the rosemary herb. I absolutely love every bite of it.  This is what I like to serve  my Wild Boar with.  A meat eater who does not really like pumpkin can give it a thumb up...that shows it is really good.  A keeper for sure...try it to believe me.  The Japanese pumpkin puree is so smooth and creamy...a good accompaniment for the bacon pumpkin parcels.

japanese pumpkin is best for the making of this starter
as it has a smoother texture and not  overly sweet 

place two slices of pumpkin  on top of two strips of streaky bacon
start folding from the left to  the right

tuck in the end part under and pan fried with the  tuck in end part facing down


now the parcels are ready for pan frying
use rice bran oil for the pan frying of these parcels

gently flip over when the bottom part has turned lightly brown
and cooked till the pumpkin slices are cooked tender 

make a pumpkin puree from the leftovers of pumpkin

 this is a perfectly pan fried bacon pumpkin parcel,
when the bacon is crisp on the outside and the pumpkin slices are  not overcooked

Bacon Pumpkin Parcel - for two persons

6 slices of streaky bacon
6 slices of 1/8 inch thick pumpkin slices - cut rectangle shape

To make pumpkin puree
1 cup steamed pumpkin - puree with a hand blender till smooth
strain to remove any remaining stringy pieces. For a smoother texture, add in 1/2 tsp olive oil

To make rosemary induced oil

a sprig of rosemary - coarsely chopped
a tsp of toasted ground black pepper
2 tbsp of rice bran oil

* heat up 2 tbsp of rice bran oil, off heat , add in  rosemary herb and black pepper and let it rest for 30 mins before using

To wrap the bacon pumpkin parcel

1. Lay out two slices of streaky bacon overlapping each other on a flat board  . Sandwich 2 slices of pumpkin together and place them on the left hand side of the layout streaky bacon .  Start folding them towards the right and tuck in the end. Repeat the process till all bacon and pumpkin slices are used up.

2.  Heat up one tbsp of rosemary infused oil on a non-stick pan.  Gently place the tucked in side facing down and pan fried the bacon parcels till it is crispy and golden brown.  Flip over the other side and as the bacon parcels are cooking drizzle the rosemary infused oil over the surface of the parcels till the pumpkin slices are cooked through.

3. Dish up and serve with the pumpkin puree.


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