Sunday, July 30, 2023

Chinese 3 Colours Steamed Eggs

This is our childhood dish which my mom would always steam for us . We love it and today I still steam it for our dinner. Real comfort food for the family. It is easy to prepare and no fuss kind of dish to prepare on working days. The 3 types of eggs makes  the dish colourful and delicious too. 
the texture should be jiggly yet firm

Chinese Steamed 3 Colours Eggs


2 chicken eggs, room temperature
1 salted duck egg yolk, divided into 8 parts
1 century duck egg, divided into 8 parts
1/4 teaspoon salt, skip if using seasoned stock
***boiled room temperature water or chicken stock
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon soy sauce (optional)
1 sprig spring onion, chopped
2 shallots, sliced and fried, keep shallots oil if available

*** water : egg ratio is 1.5:1

1. Heat up the steamer over medium heat.

2. Crack 2 chicken eggs in a measuring cup and beat lightly. Note the amount (ml). Pour beaten eggs into heatproof shallow dish. 

3. In the empty measuring cup, add water or chicken stock 1.5x the amount of eggs. For example, if the eggs is 100ml, use 150ml water.

4. Pour the measured water or stock into the steaming dish. Add salt, and mix lightly until eggs, water and salt are combined. If there are bubbles on the surface, remove them with a spoon.

5. Place chunks of salted duck egg yolk and century duck egg into the shallow dish. Space them out evenly.

6. Turn the heat to low once steamer water is boiling. Steam in low heat throughout with the steamer lid slightly ajar (use chopsticks) for 15-25 minutes. Gently shake the dish or steamer to check whether the steamed eggs is done. If it jiggles a lot or if the egg liquid flows out, continue steaming. When it’s done, the steamed eggs should jiggle a bit at the center but firm overall.

7. Take dish out from the steamer, and drizzle sesame oil and soy sauce (optional) and garnish with chopped spring onions and fried shallots (if you have shallot oil, put them in too). Serves immediately.


Saturday, July 15, 2023

Pork Ribs Curry With Chapati

I have been cooking a variety of curries since Chapati has become my staple food. Sometimes Dhal Curry, sometimes Lentils Curry and sometimes Vegetable Curry. Today I cooked Pork Ribs Curry. This is by far the best tasting curry I have cooked said the hubby. I guess practice makes perfect. I used YouTuber Curries With Bumbi's recipe but tweaked it to my taste. I used her Mutton Curry recipe and added coconut milk to it and cooked to a thicken consistency. We had the curry with Chapati. So delicious.

we like thicker gravy

this curry is great for Chapati and rice
You can add more water if you want a thinner gravy
Cook the ribs with paste till semi cooked before adding water
Once the paste is well sauted and oil has surfaced, add in the ribs

Pork Ribs Curry


500 gm Pork Ribs

3 large potatoes- cut into wedges

2 tomatoes - cut into wedges * optional

2 sprigs of curry leaves

3 tbsp of Coconut milk ( Ayam Brand)

600 ml or more water

Curry Paste: to blend together


8-10 dried chillies - soak

6 shallots

3 cloves of garlic

1/2 inch ginger

2.5 tbsp Curry powder

1tbsp Korean chilli powder

1/2 tsp Cummin Powder

1/2 tsp Coriander Powder

2 tbsp water


Pour 1/2 cup oil into pot and under medium low ,heat till oil is hot, add in paste (A) and curry leaves. Saute till fragrant and oil surfaces. Add in pork ribs and stir fry till meat is semi cooked. Add 500 ml water and seasoning ,salt to taste into the curry paste and simmer till pork ribs is tender. Add in the tomatoes and potatoes. Cover lid and continue simmering (in between every few minutes stir the curry to avoid burnt ) Add in coconut milk last. 

Dish up and eat hot with Chapati or Rice.


Saturday, July 1, 2023

Soft Chapati

Chapati has now become my staple food instead of rice. It is a must healthier food compared to rice. Rice has a higher glycemic value whereas Chapati made from Atta flour has zero glycemic value. Great food for cancer survivors and diabetes.

It is easy to make them and it doesn't take up much time to prepare them. When I first made them, I used local brand and I found out that those Atta flour from India are of much superior quality and has zero percent Maida. Meaning no other flour added . I google and Aashirvaad flour is top on the list of superior Atta Flour. I ordered a bag of Aashirvaad MP Superior Atta Flour online.  The reviews were good. Has a pronounced nutty flavour and the Chapati turned out soft too.  Since then Chapati has become one of my staple food.

after trying out many times, my Chapati has a more rounded shape now ..practice makes perfect is true

Soft Chapati

3 cups of Aashirvaad Atta Flour
1 tsp of salt
1 tbsp of oil
Hot water - no measurement, start 1/2 cup and the trick is to pour in lil by lil until you get the flour into a ball of dough that is not too wet nor too dry.

Mix Atta Flour with salt and oil. Slowly add in hot water until the dough mixture can be lump into a ball of not too wet dough. Knead until smooth. Rest for at least 30 mins but for better result, rest for an hour. Divide dough into 9 equal portions. 

Shape each portion into a ball. Rest 10 mins. Cover with cloth.
Dust each ball of dough with atta flour and roll into a flat round disc. Not too thin or too thick.

Heat up the skillet or tava  pan on high beat till hot. Reduce heat and place the Chapati disc on the skillet . Once the bottom side has brown speckle . Flip over and cook another few secs. It will be done. Lift up and brush ghee on surface and cover with cloth to keep warm. If you have a tortilla warm bag, put them in the bag to keep warm. For me I use a cotton cloth and wrap them in. Can keep warm for an hour. 


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