Saturday, April 8, 2023

Matcha Hot Cross Bao With Red Bean Paste Fillings

This week is Holy Week. And yesterday was Good Friday for us.  I made some Matcha Bao with Red Bean Paste filling . I made the filling sugarless and instead added salt to the red bean paste for a change. It tasted good with the matcha flavoured Bao skin.  Instead of making Hot Cross Buns , I made Hot Cross Matcha Baos. Feeling good knowing that Good Friday means now we have excess to God thru Jesus who died on the cross for us. I love Pastor Glenn, the pastor of Pathway Baptist Church, Melbourne. He never minces his word. He is the only Pastor I know thus far that fear God and not man. My blessings to have met him and his wife when they visited Malaysia last year. It is a privilege to know this great servant of God. A pastor with pastoral heart. May God bless him and his wife as they continue to serve God. I digress a bit here. I will take this opportunity to introduce him to my readers and May you too be blessed listening to his sermons .
Link to his Good Friday Service

Okay ,back to this Hot Cross Matcha Bao. I used the recipe from this link
You can click on the link below to see the full recipe. You can make the red bean paste the sweet version. It is just that I can't eat sugary stuff from now so I abstain from sweet grillings and made a sugarless but salty fillings. 

the bao skin is soft and fluffy
made a cross to symbolise Good Friday
it was fun making this matcha flavoured bao
added sesame seeds to highlight on the cross
love the matcha colour even after steaming... beautiful green

Click link for the full recipe

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