Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Dinner Is Korean Grill And Hotpot

Wild Boar and I decided to have grill and hotpot for our Christmas dinner. We both love grilled pork belly and to eat them wrapped in lettuce leaf (green coral ) with kimchi and roasted seaweed is truly delicious. Watching too many Korean dramas has greatly influenced my liking for Korean food.  Grilled pork belly wrapped with lettuce leaf into a little parcel ,with kimchi and roasted seaweed is one way of eating grill pork belly and this is the only time where I lose control over my meat intake :p  We simply added a pot on top of our griller and it instantly became a hotpot :)  Thus making our Christmas dinner a wonderful one !

my favourite plate and bowl for grill and hotpot

swiss brown mushrooms, enoki, lotus root, radish 
for the hotpot

chinese cabbage for hotpot

my favourite coral lettuce for the Korean grill,
sweet and crunchy, perfect for wrapping the grilled pork belly slices

beef balls for hotpot

beef tender loin slices marinated for the Korean grill

 lean pork belly slices perfect for Korean grill

bottom left -homemade kimchi - Korean grill
bottom right - roasted seaweed - Korean grill
top left - ginger and onions sauce - hotpot
top right - crispy fried garlic for hotpot

I added fresh pineapple for grill...simply refreshing
after a heavy intake of grilled meat :)

the smell of sizzling meat on grill whets my appetite

roasted seaweed is a must for us to have with Korean Grill

you can wrap grilled meat with roasted seaweed
it is so delicious and addictive

I can eat this everyday if health permits :)
After a heavy intake of meat,  weight lifting is added to my daily work out!

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