Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quinine Sambal /Chutney - Revisited

Actually not many people like this mango sambal .  But for me and Piggy Jo.  we both  love this mango sambal  very much . The ripe quinine mango has a strong  fragrance which can be over powering for some but we love them nonetheless :)))  It goes well as a spicy dip for fried fish and my malay colleagues taught me how to make this delicious mango sambal and I then introduced to my family . Only  my Piggy Jo loves it but not the male Piggies :p  

When Jo was back last Friday, I fried some fishes and make this special mango sambal for her. She oinked with pleasure !   LOL! she was lucky that weekend coz my colleague, Puan Nabila gave me four quinine mango and I had the most wonderful weekend with the quinine perfumed my whole kitchen :)

I found out that pounding the quinine together with the sambal mixture gave the sambal a better taste.  The sambal infused into the quinine or vice versa...whatever, the end result is a delicious finger licking good sambal dip for my fried fish :)  My Jo went back to her Uni  properly fed.  I shall post up the meal I cooked for her when she was back last weekend.  So stay tuned for it if you are curious what she ate - her favourites of course !  :)  Meanwhile feast on this sambal which I made specially for her.

Quinine Sambal/Chutney

Ingredients :

2 quinine - diced into small cubes
5 fresh  red chillies - remove seeds
5-6 bird's eye chilies - remove seeds

1 thumb sizes piece of shrimp paste - toasted


Pound the two types of chillies together in a mortar and pestle. While the chillies are coursely pounded, toast the shrimp paste in a wok over low heat until they become fragrant.  Throw them into the mortar and continue to pound with the pestle while they are still hot till they are blended together into a beautiful paste.  Add in the diced quinine and lightly pound them together till well combined with the sambal mixture.  Cover with a cling wrap and chill in the fridge. Serve it with your fried fish .

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  1. Looks so good. Hmmm...quinee not in season here right now. :(

  2. Oooohhhhh .... there's hardly any quinine to be found anymore these days. I remember this sambal ... it's soooo gooood! I am so craving for it right now! Where to find quinine! Aarrgghhhh!!!

  3. this is new to me by adding mango to make sambal but now imagining the tase, i dont think it's weird at all!

  4. It looks fabulous and so simple! I am one of the biggest fans of mango in hot sauces and dishes and I actually prefer mango in savoury rather than sweet dishes. I think i have seen once these mangoes in a Pakistani/Indian shop... They are also similar to green (unripe) mangoes sold in my Vietnamese shop (strangely they sell them all year round). I love them with salt and chili (a blogger, Jeno from Weeknite Meals, taught me this method). Is your mango ripe? I have an ordinary mango in the fridge... but it's very ripe. And I even have shrimp paste (but a Thai one...).

  5. is in season over here :) last I found a friend who love this as much as I do :) Can't send them to you ...too heavy LOL!

    Lena....not any mango...only this quinine will be good for the sambal. You must try...and you will get addicted :)

    Sissi....the mango is ripe inside. The skin may be still fresh green. The more ripe the mango is the better the sambal will be :) It has a strong smell and not many people likes it. Oh you are lucky that you can get the Asian ingredients from your place :)


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