Monday, September 10, 2012

Fusion Salad :)

Salad is a versatile and healthy meal.  It gives me a pyschological lift when I have only salad for my dinner meals.  Trying to cover the days when I consume too much meaty stuff :p   I  like to add fruits to my salad if there are fruits in the fridge.  Strawberries give a wonderful color to the salad besides the Vitamin C and flavonoids.  Rich in antioxidant too :)

This is a fusion salad that I created for myself.   Besides the usual lettuce and tomatoes, I threw in some homemade Gari ( japanese pickled ginger ) and 3/4 cooked soft boiled egg....... east meet west salad :)   and with some left overs slices of homemade wheat bread, I cut them into cubes and toast them in the oven as croutons....drizzle balsamic to the croutons and gosh this was  a yummy fusion salad.   The dressing for this salad is just extra virgin olive oil, mixed dried herbs and a pinch of salt.   Easy to prepare and  delicious at the same time !  

left over homemade wheat bread can be made into croutons...
 I love the balsamic vinegar in them.....

this is how I like my 3/4 cooked soft boiled egg to be and the 
homemade Gari goes well with the egg :) mmm

the croutons are crunchy and the after taste
of balsamic lingers......add texture and flavors 
to the salad....heavenly !

Have a great day !

*         *          *


  1. ONLY salad!!! Oh no!!! Come on, surely you can do better than that. LOL!!! I'll be so hungry by 9 or 10 and would be digging in the kitchen for supper if I eat only that. LOL!!!

  2. Arthur.....HAHAHA yea only this for dinner and I am so happy...1 egg and the croutons are wheat bread and plus those is filling for me. When I hungry at 10pm, I made a mug of oats la...LOL! have to eat healthy to cover for those sinful days of tucking in seafood and meat ma * wink

  3. elin, i really need to eat more healthy like this. i was just looking at a salad book today, thinking i want to be on some salad days once or twice a week :)


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