Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pancetta Wrapped Pork Loins , Asparagus And Salmon In Corn Husk

Thanks to  Veronica of Quay Po Cooks for her pancetta that Wild Boar and I can have a finger licking good  dinner :)  This is the second dish that I cooked with her pancetta.   The first, I used them for the pizza and now the second dish. I wrapped the pork loins and asparagus with the pancetta and roast them in the oven....gosh it was finger licking good !  Of course, the pork loins are HIS and the Salmon In Corn Husk is HER ......and the Pancetta Wrapped Asparagus.....the His and Her shared among themselves LOL!  

Wild Boar likes the pancetta wrapped asparagus too.  As long as he doesn't complaint about the food , I am happy. He can be picky and not adventurous when it comes to food but I am slowly influencing him to partake what I partake LOL!   Or he cook his own dinner !!!  :p

I like the salmon wrapped in  corn gives the salmon a smokey aroma and keeps the fish moist and the smokey aroma trap in. Believe me , the salmon tastes better too :p   I deboned the salmon and seasoned with toasted black pepper, chilli flakes and salt for 15 minutes, then wrapped with the husk and throw into the oven and roast together with the pork loin and asparagus.   The first to come out of the oven is the asparagus followed by the salmon and last the pork loins.    Mmmm so easy to prepare and it took less than an hour to prepare this delicious dinner.    While the rest are roasting away, I cut up some fresh pineapple as salad.  Simple and refreshing and we had the most delicious dinner.

salmon is flavorful on its own 
without any seasoning, but I sometimes like
it a bit spicy so I will throw in some chilli flakes
for extra oomph :p

cooking three items in one tray in the oven
at one time saves time and washing :p

this was how I wrapped the salmon afterwhich
I used the fruit picks to seal the edges

this is my share....

I love salmon cooked this way...and the pineapple
salad is so refreshing....yum yum yum


stay tuned for the third dish using Veron's pancetta 

Have a great day !

*             *             *

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  1. first time seeing food wrapped in corn husks for baking!wow, you can make so many dishes with the pancetta, i'm stealing ideas here and there:D


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