Monday, September 3, 2012

Japanese Miso Soup Wild Boar Style- Guest Post by Wild Boar

As a punishment to Wild Boar for trying out his 'Masterchef' stunt in my kitchen and taking ingredients meant for seafood curry without his Bacon's permission , today he has to guest post for day for his Bacon ( hah ...bacon indeed ) !

Guest Post by the Wild Boar :-

It’s been quite a while since the Wild Boar’s was last mischievious in the kitchen so I decided to surprise my half side of bacon (the Wifey) with a soup for dinner. As usual I rely on my creative inspiration to concoct something from nothing. So I rummaged into the fridge and freezer and to my delight found practically all I needed.

I have always equated cooking with the work of an Artist … you just need the inspiration and simply put … ‘The Mood’. After some serious scrounging inside the fridge I found some white squids. Medium sized prawns, tofu , shallot leaves and BEST of all some MISO paste !!! What more could the mischievious Wild Boar ask for! Its all there the only other thing missing is a pot water and some serious cooking.

And to add to a slightly mysterious flavour …. Terriyaki sauce just two teaspoons

I dumped all the seafood into a medium boiling concoction of miso paste , a little teriyaki a dash of salt and some careful cooking all about 15mins. Added some tofu and japanese seaweed just before serving. Chopped some spring onions for the garnishing and… ..

VIOLA !! Japanese Miso Soup Wild Boar Style. I must say it tasted really good too as I did not expect it to anyway. So much for being modest ? Men can be full of surprises when the mood strikes …. Ahem ! Ahem!

So to all the men out there … Fear not if the other half goes on strike … just give the wild boar a call…. hahaha

Thank you Wild Boar for taking the punishment well and giving me a rest and thank you readers and friends for the support in dropping by :))  The soup was great...tasty and delicious :)

Have a nice day !

*           *           *


  1. looks yummy! Your hubby is so talented, he can cook!!

  2. This is DELICIOUS! Love it loaded with seafood!

  3. good! Now husband and wife can open a restaurant lor. Sure customers will queue a mile long to come and eat.

  4. i trust this wild boar's seafood miso soup is delicious! he sounds a very cheeky man but he looks like quite a serious one in photos!

  5. Kathy...yea so full of cholesterol :( but eat first and die later LOL!

    Mich...he can cook if he wants to ...depends on his mood...I married him on this important factor that he can cook. He woo me with his famous fried rice. I must ask him to guest post on his famous fried rice :p

    Angie...hahaha ya killing me softly with his soup ! LOL!

    Lynne...yea...seafood is my fav and anything will taste good with seafood in it...pasta to soup :)

    Arthur....hahaha will think about it...what say you if we named it " Elinluv's Tidbits Corner " LOL!

    Lena...never judge a book by its cover :p He is funny alright or I will not marry him ! He is a fun loving person. His kids and dogs adores him !


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