Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stir Fry Dragon Mustard With Shrimp Paste ( Belacan)

The first time I had this was when I was in Cameron Highlands for the church camp two years ago.  I didn't know what this green is called until I saw them at Jusco Ipoh . They called it the dragon mustard...mmmm nice name but I read somewhere that they are also called wild mustard.   I am  still not sure what this is called actualy. ( if you guys know the actual name of this mustard, please leave a note on the  comment box here, tq

I bought two bunches back and stir fry with chilli , garlic and shrimp paste aka known locally as belacan ( made from krill ) .  It was my first time cooking it at home.  It was really appetizing with the chilli and shrimp paste.  It has a slight crunch if you don't overcook it.  Nice, I like it cooked this style.  Some perfers just stir fry with garlic but I know my Wild Boar won't like it just with garlic , so to make him eat his share , I cooked his style with chilli garlic and shrimp paste and sure enough, he ate his share and say it was good !   So with this good review, I can cook this more often at home :)  Wild Boar is not adventurous like me :p   I am willing to try out new veggies !   This is really delicious !

Have a nice day ! Eat more greens...keeps the doctor away !

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  1. OOO this is how it's cook ya. I saw in Pasar but dare not buy. you think i can just fry with garlic? "Ching Chow"? Coz the boy doesnt eat sambal.

  2. Kathy...yessss with garlic and salt...exactly like how you stir fry spinach. You can have them in your soup too !

  3. OO thanks, Elin. Hmm suop ah..good also add eggs. :)

  4. I've seen this but never knew how to use them, whether to eat the tendrils and throw away the other parts or eat the stalks and throw away the tendrils. LOL!!
    Thanks to you, I now am going to buy it and try it.

  5. Yummmm..... Next time, must get you Sarawak's dried prawns and belacan.

  6. I wanna to try this veggie but seldom I saw those at the wet market is too huge to consume.
    Hope you're having a lovely day/

  7. love this very much but sometimes i got difficult picking the young and old ones. I think it's called chayote shoots.

  8. I have seen this in the wet market and wanted to buy and cook but never get to it. Now I have your recipe, will definitely get it the next time I am at the wet market.


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