Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farewell Lunch @ Simpang Tiga Restoran

One of my colleague Haji Wahab is going to retire in a week's time and my big boss asked that we organised a farewell lunch for him at Simpang Tiga Restoran which serves Indonesian Cuisine. This restaurant was newly opened sometime last September if I am not mistaken. Nice ambience but the service is lacking . Food is just above average ....this is my own opinion  :p  This is what we had for the farewell lunch last Wednesday...
We were served Sambal Petai ( Spicy Hot Stinking Beans With Shrimps ) , Their signature Chicken Curry -fragrant is too overpowering with coconut oil  ( not my kind of curry..too much santan ) , Stir Fry Aubergine With Chilli , Deep Fried Tilapia with special Indonesian chilli dipping sauce ( this is so very yummy and spicy hot ) Rice served in basket lined with banana leaves thus giving the rice a very nice fragrance.

Over all , a very simple farewell  lunch for my colleague.  Once again it is not the food but the fellowship with one another that matters. We gave him a watch as a retirement gift. He is very happy and appreciative of the gift .  We will miss him for he is our landscaping man.  So now we have no one to ask about landscaping until his replacement comes in a few months time.  For the time being, have fun drooling over this Indonesian cuisine so to say :))

Sambal Petai...this dish is good, fresh shrimps and the stinking
beans tasted crunchy and has a nice subtle fragrance

this Curry Chicken is appetizing though it has a strong coconut oil free
they used free range chicken to cook this dish..I found out later from
the organizer :))

stir fry aubergine with lots of chilli

Deep fried Tilapia to be eaten with the chillie dippings below
It was so crunchy that all the bones can be eaten :p

two types of chillies dippings that were served in small pestle mortar

white rice served in banana leaves

Here is me wishing my colleague Haji Wahab a happy retirement
and all the best in whatever you do !

*       *       *


  1. so...finally had a chance to eat at simpang 3, huh... looks good, a bit better than our canteen... hahahahah...

  2. White rice served in banana leaves, must be so fragrant!

  3. Rice served in the banana leaves and the fried fish would be my choices!

  4. Claire...yup finally but it was just above it is much than our canteen ones LOL!

    Kenny...yup it somehow make the rice looks good and more fragrant :)

    Sonia...haha yup it looks different...most Indonesian style :)

    Angie....ya..same with me too :p

  5. wah interesting way of presenting a fish!

  6. actually the deep fried tilapia called "flying' tilapia....


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