Saturday, February 13, 2010

' Gong Xi Fa Cai ' & Happy Valentine's Day Greetings From the Piggy Clan

Elin and her Piggy clan wishes all her readers and friends

' Gong Xi Fa Cai '


 Happy Valentine's Day 

May the New Year brings roaring success & health 
as the tiger roars in the year !!!

^________ ^

a basket of chinese oranges / ' kam '
to welcome the new year :)) and that piece of 
'nian koa'/ glutinous rice cake for promotion....
you want promotion in your more ya * wink 

Smile Inducer for the day :

" A balance diet is a cookie in each hand "

*       *       * 


  1. 祝Elin和家人﹐日日有食神﹐身體健康﹐快快樂樂

  2. Hi Elin, happy new year and may god bless u and ur family!! ^^

  3. Happy Lunar New Year!! Gong hey fatt choy! Wishing you & family a prosperous year ahead!

  4. Gong Hei Fatt Choy! may the year of Tiger brings you lots of goodies!

    ....from us Sunny & Sid

  5. 祝你虎年龙精虎猛!万事如意!情人節快乐!

  6. " Gong Xi Fa Cai " to all of you. Thanks for the new greetings and wishes. I hope you all enjoyed the new year with all the mouth watering CNY goodies ! I do !! :)))

  7. Gong xi fa cai and Happy Valentine's Day.


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