Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vegetarian Dish For The First Day of CNY

This is a vegetarian dish that I cooked for the first day of CNY . Piggy gal requested for it so I cooked just for her.  Her favourite veggie is the chinese cabbage cooked with red fermented beancurd with lots of chinese mushrooms, button mushrooms, ' fatt choy' ( black seaweed ) transparent vermicelli and the dried beancurd ( foo chok) I love this dish too but the guys are not too keen :p  This is a very tasty and flavorful vegetarian dish. 
The preparation takes a lot of time...washing the chinese cabbage and cutting them into 1.5" lengths, soak the transparent vermicelli and the  'fatt choy' ( black seaweed ) till soft , deep fry the dried beancurd and etc etc. but whatever it is, it is always worth the effort for this dish turned out great. The chinese has this custom to cook this dish on the 1st day of Chinese New Year....don't ask me why..I really don't know why but my beloved mom used to cook this when she was around.  Hmmm I miss her cooking very much. I managed to pick up her recipe ( of course mine doesn't taste as good as hers ) and  thus continue the custom every year though I am a Christian. Not so much as the custom or what it symbolizes of but so used to having it on the first day of the Chinese New Year  LOL! 

it does look delicious ...aromatic as well and tasty too

the glass noodles will absorb all the gravy so try not 
to use too much :)

see.... the gravy has been absorbed into the black seaweed
and fried beancurd :)

this is really a delicious and flavorful vegetarian dish
Piggy gal's favourite dish

Vegetarian Dish 


1 small chinese cabbage - washed and cut into 1.5" length 
5 dried black mushrooms -  soaked overnight
1 piece of dried foo chuk - deep fried it
1 small bundle of glass noodles - soaked till soft
10 pieces of button mushroom - cut into halves

2 pieces of red nam yee ( red fermented beancurd)

some fatt choy ( black seaweed)
a few pips of garlic
a slice of ginger
3 tblsp of cooking oil
just enough water ( 2 bowls of water )


Cut the cabbage into 1.5" length. Cut the soaked mushrooms  and button mushroom into halves. Soak glass and black seaweed ( fatt choy). Deep fry the beancurd stick in enough oil till lightly brown. Dish up and keep the oil for further use.

Heat up 3 tblsp of oil in a wok. Add in garlic and ginger and stir fry till fragrant. Put in the red nam yee and saute for a few minutes. Add in the cut mushrooms and  after 5 minutes add in the chinese cabbage and stir fry for a few minutes. Add water and the fried beancurd stick and slowly simmer till all the ingredients are soft. Add in the glass noodles and fatt choy last. Simmer it till all ingredients are soft and cooked. Add a pinch sea salt to taste if it is not to tasty enough. It taste better overnight :)


* I think this will be my last post on CNY stuff..... I think every one had enought of CNY dishes :p
I will have to start cooking and baking new stuff !

*      *       *


  1. Mmm...this is my favourite. We called this luo han zhai(罗汉斋)and I always add more sauce to cook delicious!

  2. I like this dish too, so tasty! Love Chinese cabbage, it soaks up all the yummy sauce.

  3. It is my favourite dish all the time, coz it has 南乳!

  4. I just finished my 'jai choy' 2 days ago. Used to cook it on the first day, so rush, now I do it on the eve, and keep in the fridge and freeze any extra.

  5. U are a good mom, willing to cook any dish upon ur's kids request. I like ur dish, me also cooked the similiar dish days ago, not as nice as urs as i'm not a good cook.

  6. I like this vegetarian dish too. We call it Chap Chye.

  7. Thank you for this recipe.. happy!!

  8. Hi Anncoo, pigpigscorner, Kenny, Cheah, Yee Er, Tigerfish, Cath J,

    Thanks for always dropping me a line here. I love all your comments :)

    Glad this dish is everyone's favourite :))


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