Friday, February 19, 2010

Stir Fry Julienned Turnips With Dried Cuttlefish - Reunion Dish 2

This is another must have dish for reunion - 'Ju Hu Char 'or Stir Fried Julienned Turnips With Dried Cuttlefish to be eaten wrapped in lettuce . Awww this is one delicious, flavorful turnip dish that I don't mind cooking for the festive season. Lots of cutting to do though but worth it at the end of the day. I know you can use a shredder to do the job on the turnips but julienned it with a knife is better...taste better...don't ask me why but it does taste better and original LOL!  My better half loves this and this will seal his lips for the nite :p He is hokkien so this is a must have dish for the reunion.  He will say this is my mom's signature dish  and I have been hearing it for the past 27 years since I married to seal his lips I have to cook just as good as his mom and hoping one day he will say......
" you cook this just as good as mom "  hahaha I guess I will never hear those words but just the same he ate it heartily and that was enough for my ego :)))  Don't ask me what this dish signifies for the chinese hokkien :p but we do love it . We love to wrap it in lettuce ....awww the ghost of the taste still lingers on the tongue as I am writing this post on it :))

step 1- stir fry the turnips and carrot till half cooked

step 2-  stir fry the rest of the julienned ingredients till
aromatic- cabbage, dried cuttlefish, onion , dried chinese mushrooms
and lean meat till cooked and aromatic, then add them to the half-cooked
turnips and stir mix all the ingredients together till well mixed

this is so aromatic - great combo
no wonder the hokkien loves this dish :p

Step 3 - cook this under low heat...
till it is done  

this is the finish product - ' ju hu char '

for us Piggies we love it eaten wrapped in lettuce :))

 Stir Fry Julienned Turnips With Dried Cuttlefish

Ingredients :

1 turnip - julienned 
1 carrot - julienned8 dried black mushrooms (soaked and shredded )
200 gm of lean meat ( shredded )
40 gm dried cuttlefish ( buy the ready shredded type) - soaked till soft
3 cabbage leaves - ( cut into shreds)
5 tbsp of vegetable oil


1 tbsp of oyster sauce
a drop of thick soy sauce
salt to taste
Garnishing :

8 shallots - sliced thinly ( fried )


  • Heat wok with 5 tbsp oil and fry the shallots till lightly brown and crispy. Dish up and put aside. Using the remaining oil, fry the julienne turnips and carrots till half cooked. Dish up the turnips and carrots and put aside. Heat a tbsp of oil to the wok, stir fry the cuttlefish till fragrant , then add in the rest of the shredded ingredients and stir fry till cooked,  then add in the turnips and continue to fry till it is well mixed and the turnips are soft. Add in salt to taste and a drop of thick soy sauce for coloring. Lastly, add in the fried shallots and mixed well. You can keep some of the fried shallots for garnishing later when serving.

Note: This dish can be eaten alone by itself as a dish or eaten  wrapped  in lettuce.

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  1. Sounds and looks very delicious and healthy!

  2. I made something similar but is popian 薄饼 but really no time to take photo~so much work and everyone starts eating once all the food on the table...hahaa...

  3. awwww I hope his lips are sealed!!! and m sure it is as good as his mom's eh! ^^

  4. this is my favourite dish especially if you are a hokkien! :) but definitely will loads of hot sambal! :)

  5. Will you make Sar Kok? Hmm...yum! Love your blog. So homemade, so cosy and so Ipoh! Lol!


  6. Funny! I'd not heard of ju hu char (because I'm not Hokkien!!??) By your description, it does sound really good! Too bad, I wasn't there to taste-test it, LOL!!

    Your hubby is so lucky to have you as his better half! He has good "eye," if you get what I mean ... SOOO LUCKY, MAN!!!

  7. This is my favourite, but my mum as Hokkian never prepared this dish at home, as I know this is Nyonya dish.

  8. This is 'kong fu choy'! Haven't taken this for a very long time. My mom used to cook this. Probably, I'll cook it someday. Not sure if my hubby will likes it! haha... Or maybe, we can use this in 'pei ti' hoh!

  9. Btw, 'gong xi fatt chai' & 'xin nien kuai le' to you & your family too. Wishing you all the very best throughout the year of tiger.
    Best regards,

  10. As Kristy said, this is 'kong fu choy', a lot of cutting up. I've never done this but normally will order this dish when I'm in the nonya restaurant. Lovely pics you have there!

  11. I cooked this dish to go with fresh lettuce leaves on CNY eve also. :)
    Gonh Xi Fa Cai!

  12. Angie....yup it is :) times we forget to take pics of the food until it is half way to the stomach :))

    Zurin...hope so LOL! Man are prideful ...never admits it when it is good :p

    BBO...yup all hokkien loves this dish..oh really ! I will try with sambal next time I make this :) Thanks for the idea :))

    Michi...ohh sar kok..I still have to search for the recipe. Will share here when I have the recipe :)

    Pei-Lin...haha yup this is a really delicious dish...wrap in lettuce leaves...ohhh great must try cooking this urself and surprise ur parents :))
    Haha I hope he thinks that too * wink are hokkien too? oh you must try this dish...hokkien adopt this dish from the nyonya then I guess LOL! but whatever this is a great dish which I think all foodies should try out :))

    Kristy...yup this dish involves lots of 'kong fu' but worth it at the end of the day :) yup great for 'pai tee' too. Well you can surprise the hubby with this dish..who knows he may loves it :p
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too and I am sure u had a great time with your family :))

    Cheah....thanks, I have tried ordering this dish from Aunty Nat Nyonya Restaurant in KL but it was a disappointment. Doesn't taste good and expensive too :) Maybe I am used to my own style of cooking :p

    Little Inbox...haha all hokkien have this dish for reunion ...right? I married one so I am half hokkien LOL!

  13. I would like to know how to cook stir fry and my friend showed me this blog yesterday. I followed all the instructions here and after I cooked this recipe, the taste of it is really awesome! Actually, my family also liked this dish. And I will make this again later for them.

    Easy Stir Fry


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