Tuesday, February 23, 2010

' Loe Hei ' or Tossing Up Good Fortune

'Loe Hei ' in cantonese means tossing up good fortune . This chinese new year delicacy is called ' Yusheng' - ' yu ' means fish ' sheng' literally  means raw but enuciated appropriately, it means life thus ' yusheng' means abundance of wealth and long life . This salad delicacy is served traditionally on the seventh day of the chinese new year which is everyone's birthday according to the chinese calendar......
This delicacy comprises of a colorful array of ingredients - shredded green and white radish , shredded carrots, pickled ginger, pomelo and shredded turnips and raw salmon slices and the ingredients are topped with various condiments including deep fried flour crisps, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, cinnamon powder, pepper and other spices. All at the table would then jointly toss the salad with a generous amount of sweet plum sauce and cooking oil to add sweetness and taste.  'Loe hei ' is the the tossing action which signifies prosperity and longevity , all adding to the good wishes for the new year .  ' hei ' means rise, a  reference to thriving business :))  thus a dish popular with businessmen.  

The Piggies clan will not miss this dish and the actions that goes with the dish....haha my Piggies love  to toss those colorful ingredients together up high LOL!  I love to see the happy smile on their faces haha....surprisingly they love this dish and we never fails to order this when we eat out at restaurant during the Chinese New Year.  This ' yusheng '  is from Marpoh Restaurant in Ipoh Garden. 

salmon is expensive so they gave us only 5 slices for 4 person :(

this is fun...tossing all the ingredients together

the higher u toss it the more prosperous you become 
and you get a longer life too :p

but for me I want the fooood.........so I took up a big
scoop of the salad....greedy?? I think so !

The greedy momsie caught in action LOL! 

I am sure every chinese had their share in loe hei
so here's me wishing all of you happy loe hei
prosperity and longevity be yours !

*       *       *


  1. as i said in my earlier posts, chinese do have a lot of these quotes or beautiful myths that one couldnt resist having! hahaha... hope everyone will loe hei with good health!

  2. Oooooooooo............... I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE yu sang! Yummmmmmm ;)

    Piggy Cuz

  3. Love 'yee sang'.... had 'loe' a few times this year.

  4. Claire...right chinese have lots of myths and beliefs :))

    Piggy Cuz...me too :))esp with salmon :)) wait let me learn the trick then we can have it every month hahaha

    Cheah....wow so you will be a few times more prosperous :)) seriously I love yu sheng with salmon.

  5. I'm still trying to figure it out how to make this. My uncle & aunt had taught me how to make the sauce. But yet still need the grating 'kung fu' for the radish. Look very simple but it isn't at all!


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