Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fusilli With Homemade Bolognese Sauce

When your kids love pasta, you thank God for it coz it is the most easy to prepare one dish meal...agree with me ? :)  For me, it is easy and taste good and healthy for them too.  I prepared the bolognese sauce in advance for them  so that it is easier for them...all they have to do is just cook the pasta - fusilli for their lunch.   Many of you will think that I pampered them too much....why have kids when you don't pamper them :p  But the truth is I love cooking so that is just an excuse ....otherwise who is going to eat the stuff I at times like this one have to use pyschology a bit ....tell them u pamper them..and they will wallop everything up and even lick the dish clean LOL!

they love the bolognese sauce thick and lots of cheese and herbs in it
beef meatballs and button mushrooms makes the dish

I can't help it.... as soon as the sauce is ready, I cooked some fusilli
and  helped myself to a plate of pasta deliciousness

Fusilli With Homemade Bolognese Sauce

 ( serve 6 persons )

Fusilli pasta - 1 pkt 500gm - cooked till al dente

Garnishing - parmesan cheese

Bolognese sauce -

300 minced beef

1 big can of tomato puree
1 small tin of tomato paste
2  ripe fresh tomatoes - diced
1 can of button  mushroom- sliced or diced
2 red onions- diced
1 tbsp of mixed herbs
1 tbsp of oregano
1 tsp of ground black pepper
1 tsp of sugar
3/4 cup of water
sea salt to taste
5 pips of garlic - chopped
cheddar cheese - amount to taste
2 tbsp olive oil


Heat olive oil in a non stick pot and saute garlic till fragrant over medium low heat.  Add in the minced beef and diced onions and stir fry till cooked, add in the tomato puree and tomato paste and fresh tomatoes , all the mixed herbs and black pepper and stir them together till well mixed. Add in water and let it simmer for 15 minutes under low heat.  Add in the mushroom and continue to cook till it is aromatic and the scent of mixed herbs is in the air.  Add sugar and salt to taste. Add in the cheese last. Add in the beef meatballs when the sauce is ready to use.

Beef Meatballs


500 gm of minced beef
1 cup of bread crumbs
1 tsp of ground black pepper
5 sprigs of italian parsley - chopped
1 tbsp of light soy sauce
1 tbsp of olive oil
3/4 tbsp of corn flour

oil for deep frying


Mixed all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl till evenly incorporated. Leave to rest for 1/2 hour.  Heat up the wok with enough oil for deep frying under medium heat. When oil is ready for frying, shape the minced  beef  into  balls and deep fry till cooked and lightly golden brown. Dish up and place them on paper towel to absorb the oil.  Add the meatballs into the bolognese sauce and let the sauce infused into the meatballs. Served them with the cooked fusilli and garnish with parmesan cheese.

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  1. Friday night is the Pasta Night! Quick and descent.

  2. haha yes I agree! Pasta is so simple but so satisfying.

  3. Hello Elin, wow! I guess you have a Black Belt in cooking. Or a Diploma from the Swiss Finishing school.
    Looks real delicious your this dish.
    But don't laugh, I tent to take a pass on Spaghetti or maybe this unless have bean sprouts, ha ha.
    So the Mrs will make her's without, mine with.

    You keep well, stay young and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  4. Wowo....dont let my kids see this!!! like U Lee said, u have a black belt in cooking...hahahaa..

  5. Hi Angie...yup it is :)

    Hi pigpigscorner...can't eat much it is filling even with a small portion :)

    Hi Uncle Lee...thanks for your kind belt in cooking ..nola I am just a normal momsie cooking for the family :) like bean sprouts in your pasta. I love bean sprouts but not in my pasta :))

    Thanks, I will stay young and keep well and stay happy :)

    You too Uncle Lee, take care and regards to the Mrs :)

    Hi Claire....I have cooked this for you so you this time round just drool ya :p

  6. That would make a lovely lunch for me...quick and filling....yum

  7. Hi love these :))

    Hi Mary....ya when we are lazy to cook something elaborate this will do :) a one dish meal that is delectable :)


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