Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shrimps Omelette

This is something so simply delicious and yet takes just 20 minutes to prepare when you want a quick fix., especially when you have an unexpected guest for dinner. Shrimps Omelette with chopped onion rings and hot chillies will be a welcome item when you want to add an extra dish at the  last minute :)) I heart this no fuss egg omelette. You either have this with rice or bread. Add in some garden grown italian parsley and wow.......you can image how good this simple egg dish will taste :)  This dish is good for kids minus the hot chillies of course, for this is the only way to teach them how to appreciate eating onions which is rich in vitamin A and eggs rich in protein and shrimps rich in iodine.........you can have this shrimps omelette in your sandwiches too ! 

easy to prepare shrimps omelette.....

a quick to fix omelette dish to add to dinner menu 
when you have an unexpected guest for dinner :))

a versatile dish too ...you can add in anything you want to it...mmmm
I added italian parsley to it .....yum yumm

...a beautiful shrimps omelette pancake to serve your guest :)

Shrimps Omelette


2 eggs - whisk with a dash of pepper and salt to taste
10 pieces of shrimps - medium size
2 onions - cut into rings
3 bird's eye chillies- chopped
3 sprigs of italian parsley - chopped
1 tbsp of olive oil


Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in a non stick pan or crepe pan under medium low heat. Saute onion rings, chopped chillies till fragrant. Add in shrimps and stir fry till half cooked, pour in the whisked egg mixture on to the saute ingredients evenly and leave it to cook till it is lightly brown and set on the other side. Flip it over and cook till it is lightly brown and cooked. Dish up and garnish with italian parsley. Serve hot .

Enjoy !

Smile-inducer for the day :

"I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants."
~  AW Brown ~

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  1. This is a rather quick and very delicious everyday dish!

  2. This is what I used to cook at home and this is also the kids favourite.

  3. very creative idea would like to try it

  4. ooo nice.. i must visit ipoh to taste ur food ya.....will bring Claire along..ehhe

  5. The simplicity of this dish but yet flavorsome ;)

  6. wah..so spicy hot ah??? now i m swallowing u-know-what...
    yes, rachel, u must come to ipoh... elin will cook for us..hahaha...

  7. Hi Angie...:) I love eggs and I can't have them everyday :(

    Hi Anncoo...not only kids love it, me old baby also loves it LOL!

    Hi Spiele...thanks :)

    Hi Rachel...haha looks delicious only..thanks to the camera :) If you are down in Ipoh let Claire knows, we can take u out to eat :)

    Hi tigerfish...yuppy..simple yet delicious :))

    Hi Sonia....yeah , I love this simple dish but can't afford to eat often :(

    Hi Claire....wei this is so simple don't tell me you can't cook this :p

  8. Mmmm....delicious! Just what I would do on my lazy days and when my craving for prawns hit me :D

  9. Hi Mary...yup this is so simple a dish...a lazy chef's recipe LOL!


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