Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buttered Prawns - Reunion Dish 1

As promised I am now showing you what I cooked for our reunion dinner :) Nothing elaborate .Buttered prawns was one of the dishes I cooked up for the Piggies. Prawn is a must have item for the reunion dinner ...ask any chinese they will tell you it means laughter literally translated from the cantonese word ' har '  so hee hee har har -  laughter in the house all the year thru...I have you laughing now ? ...heehee haha. Laughter can be infectious :)) Daddy can be very westernized but when it comes to chinese tradition and culture.....he does want to follow some to the T :p
For me, I don't know much about the chinese culture and tradition..I am a yellow banana.  I only know how to cook and bake LOL!  Back to this is easy to prepare is the ingredients that makes it delicious. The  butter , curry powder and curry leaves gives fragrant to the dish. These ingredients compliment the prawns well and make the dish a wonderful and mouth watering one :))

first fry the prawns with shell on with a dollop of butter till crispy
so fragrant...I love the aroma of the prawn as it is being fried
in the wok.............mmmmmmmm mouth-watering indeed

add in the curry leaves, garlic and chopped chilli and stir fry till fragrant
add in the beaten eggs slowly and keep stirring till the eggs threads are crispy
Add in curry powder last and sprinkle some sugar. Dish up and serve hot.
Simple and easy to prepare rite ? :))


* stay tuned for the next dish........

*     *     *


  1. wah..i lau hau sui now la... dont know what to eat tonight...

  2. wahh I can smell the butter and curry leaves from here! Happy CNY!

  3. favourite, favourite prawns. Looks very delicious! But why so few...not enough for me. I need a big plate :P Hope you had a great Chinese New Year.

  4. Yum this dish looks so so good... Too bad my hubby is not a fan of prawns so I hardly ever buy any! Maybe I'll cook it for myself one day =)

  5. there is a prawn thing going around .. I just came from black pepper prawns and now THIS!!!!! OMG yummmmmmyyyy

  6. Classic! I like simple and yummy dishes like this.

  7. i want to be part of yr family la..always got food read one...

    btw if u peel the prawn for me..lagi best...ehhehehe

  8. Hi Claire...haha :p

    Hi pigpigscorner....see,how my photoshots can bring out the essence of the dish to your nostrils :p

    Hi Mary...haha I know you love prawns...not few...a plate of of them :)) Thanks I had a wonderful time meeting up with relatives :) Hope you had fun over there in Oz too!

    Hi Mrs Multitasker...ohh then he will mizz this dish..hope you get to cook this for urself :))

    Hi Zurin...haha so you will be laughing thru the year...since u consume so much prawns :))

    Hi both of you will be heehee haha thru the year :))

    Hi Angie...:) yup this is a classic and hope you had a wonderful chinese new year over there in Germany :)

    Hi Little Lamb....haha I wish someone will peel the shell for me too :))

  9. Ooh this recipe looks so lovely! I love prawns!

  10. Thanks Sook...Happy Chinese New Year to you too :)

  11. Your version of butter shrimps sounds so interesting!! I've never had such combo before, I just had butter shrimp/chicken whereby evaporated milk, tons of egg yolks, curry leaves & etc. are used. Definitely not this though ...

    Thank you for sharing!!

  12. Pei Lin...a restaurant in Ipoh once had this dish with curry powder in the dish so came back tried it out and viola it tasted almost like the original one :p More tasty and flavorful :))

  13. Prawns symbolizes Hahaha which means always happy! Happy CNY!

  14. Tigerfish...same to you too. A Haha Happy New year to you and all at home ! :))


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