Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cod Fillet Steak In Simple Dressing

Hi everyone....thank you for dropping by and all the wonderful new year wishes from you guys :)) I had a wonderful eating spree...from one home to another and needless to say distributing ang pows / red packets to all the younger relatives . It is always a blessing to give then to receive...but I know my Piggies are enjoying filling up their pockets with ang pows they recieved :p  To them receiving is a great joy at this time of the year LOL!
After all the sumptious reunion dinner dishes..we settled for something light and delicious .  Cod Fillet Steak With Simple Garlic & Ginger Dressing was most welcomed and this was something that everyone in the clan loves :) And the most expensive fish sold in Malaysia amounting to RM79 per kilogramme.  But I love to treat them to it a few times a year for I love cod fish too. I made a simple sauce for the dressing. Fried garlic pips and julienned ginger in oil and sizzled with a splash of light soy sauce makes the most aromatic and delicious dressing for pan seared cod or any other fishes that you so desire. This is a simple yet flavorful way of preparing Cod Fillet Steak.  Do try this out from your own is more economical to cook this at home than ordering this from the restaurant :)))

these 3/4 inch thick cod fillet costs almost RM 59 :)

sizzling in the non stick pan

delicious and aromatic dressing sauce

a piece for each of us.....piggies  :P

the fried garlic pips is delicious...goes well with the cod steak :))

Will be posting up more food porn in the coming days
Do drop by to drool..... :))))))))
I am on a week's spend time with my Piggy Boy
for he is going back to KL this Sunday :(  
I want more time with him !!!!!!! and more food for him!!!!!

*      *      * 


  1. Sounds unbeleivably simpe yet delicious!!! ur fantastic Elin...I WILLLLL try!!!!

  2. simple dressing also looks so delicous!!

  3. This looks light and delicious. Definitely much more cheaper if DIY. Notice that you have a nice signature too!

  4. Owh how I just love codfish! I can never pan fry them cause they stick to my non-stick pan. Always. I wonder why. Do you put oil to pan fry them?

  5. Hi Zurin...oh u is simply delicious :)

    Hi Claire...haha yup...easy does it and it turns out betta than restaurant and cheaper too :))

    Hi Cheah...ya, much cheaper if cook it yourself :) and the signature I follow your style..heehee :p

    Hi Tracie....yup for fish I do oil the non -stick with olive oil and pan sear the cod till just cook. Prepare the sauce in advance then pour over the cod as soon as you take out the fish from the pan :) Don't forget to pick me up ya. Will contact you later again :))

  6. hahahhaa.. Opps, I almost forgot! Hehe.. Yeah we'll keep in touch. And thanks for the tip!

  7. Hi Tracie...will remind u again haha :p


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