Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Duck Meat Kebabs / Satay

I have never eaten duck meat kebabs before and over here we called them  ' satay ' .  On the eve of CNY, Claire my good friend gave me a big packet of about 50 sticks of them. Wow, I was thinking  " how am I going to barbeque them " and now is the busiest time of the year...all the reunion dishes to be prepared ... of course use the oven !! silly me :)) And I chucked them into the freezer and have forgotten about them until last weekend.....
I thawed them on a baking sheet lined with aluminium foil. Brushed olive oil on them and baked them at 200ºC for 20 minutes.....the aroma of these sizzling satay came wafting out from the oven was enough to make all of us hungry. It was the most delicious and tasty satay I have eaten and I didn't know that duck meat can make good satay too besides beef and chicken meat. The meat was well tenderized and well marinated. Thumbs up for this duck meat satay . I found out from Claire that these duck meat kebabs/satay are for export only . No wonder we can't get it from the supermart :p  Thanks Claire for these deliciousness. My Piggies love them and now we have to wait for the next CNY to come fast so that we can get to savor them again LOL! My neck is getting longer by the day...like the duck's neck :p

thaw them before putting into the oven

look! how meaty they are....well marinated and tenderized

tender and juicy duck meat kebabs  mMmmmmm yummm

this is so delicious that now I am still craving for it...
guess I have to wait till next CNY :p

**  Claire , thanks for this deliciousness :)

Smile Inducer for the day :

Don't forget to be more appreciative of life little pleasures 
like good food and good friends :))


  1. wei..so cham, have to wait for a year to get something from claire hor, *malu i* .. :)

  2. So sweet of Claire! This is the first time I see duck meat satay.

  3. I've never had duck satay! Looks really tasty!

  4. I have never tried duck satay! They look mouthwatering and fingerlickingly GOOOOOOD!

  5. OMG... these are outstanding...now I know something else to do with duck...

  6. Hahaha... Claire complaining she's very 'cham'! Sorry, Claire! I think I'm with Elin. Just to remind her that Elin wants more... haha... Btw, where did Claire get those satay meat from?

  7. Never heard of this before. Wonder from where did Claire get them.

  8. Claire...just kidding...if you have some more pass it over...leftovers?? :p

    Anncoo...yup she is a very thoughtful person :))

    Pigpigscorner....my first time ever to taste duck meat satay and it was good. Come to think of it I really don't know where they export to :))

    Angie....yup it is delicious with a subtle taste of duck strong aroma. Tsty and really finger licking good :))

    Drick...yup make them into kebabs...delicious!!!

    Everyday Healy...yes it was yummy and heavenly haha :))

    Kristy...haha you really have to ask her that...she won't tell :p

    Cheah...ask Claire...she won't tell me :p She just said that a friend who export these gave her haha not nice to insists coz especially it is a gift * wink ask her personally when you meet up with her :))

  9. oh, duck satay!!!! such a flavorful dish! good creation!


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