Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fettucine Aglio Olio With Salmon And Chicken

Pasta has always been the Piggies' favourite one dish meal and of course the Momsie is happiest to cook them this...delicious, tasty and healthy meal for them. And Daddy has to go along for 3 votes against one LOL! But once in a while he enjoys the meal too if I add in extra meat stuff for him,  for both men loves meat.  For both the ladies, I added a piece of salmon each to go with this fettucine delights :)) A hearty meal indeed for us all. No complaints from all sector all the Piggy clan * wink *  I can hear only the oinking crescendo as we were partaking this deliciousness together :))

To prepare this Fettucine Aglio Olio , please refer to here for the recipe .

I can never get bored with this is forever refreshing :)

for the ladies, I add  a piece of pan seared salmon with 
black pepper and italian parsley...yumm

for the guys, I add a piece of Cajun  Roast Chicken Breast

Enjoy !

*        *        *


  1. I've taken my dinner not too long ago but when I saw your pics, feel a wee bit hungry!

  2. pasta is my favourite too! So easy to prepare and so satisyfing.

  3. Now already past midnight, must bookmark it ;D

  4. i think my sons never tried the fettucine aglio olio oreo.. watever yet.. another temptation arises now.. this time, sure no more leftovers, right?

  5. MMM nice!!!!

    Chang Tung is a bakery supply shop in SS23 in PJ...if u come to KL u can visit them n the moulds are sold there!!!

  6. Hi Cheah , pigpigscorner, Anncoo, Claire and Zurin :) this is one tantalizing pasta that every one will like :) thanks for dropping by to drool :))

    Zurin : thanks, will try to locate the place :)


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