Monday, February 1, 2010

Arrowroot Chips - CNY

The weekend was spent making these chips - arrowroot chips , a delicacy everyone loves. Arrowroots are in season  now. Supermarts are selling them at RM3.20 per kilo and I bought some to make chips...they are crunchy and a natural sweetness that is so addictive. It took me an hour to prepare these and we finished it in just half an hour in one sitting. We snacked on this while watching ' Gossip Girl ' ....mmmmm great snack and great drama and great time together LOL!  Will be making this chips again next week for the coming festive season. I never fail to make this every year since the day I knew how to make this chips. Quite tiring making this but it was worth it. 

choosing the arrowroot with a nice bottom is important
when making this chips..... no cracks  or the chips will not turn out
round and nice

this is a perfect bottom for making chips

soak them in salt water, dry them before slicing them into thin slices
straight in hot oil

.the arrowroots turned out great...crunchy and sweet

this chips are addictive and irrestible.......

 Head your cursor here  for the recipe and more info on this arrowroot./ nga ku  chips

Smile- inducer for the day...

"I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol."
~Steven Wright ~

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  1. This is perfect to snack on! Much better than potato chips!

  2. snacky time! ooohh.. sure fattens me up this cny.. but i m on the safe side though, i didnt order any or these nor know how to do it either.. (get the hint?) just kidding.. this is really a nonstop snack, yeah, that i know very well...

  3. gosh..i love this chips........much healthy than using potatoe right

  4. i've seen the japanese do this with lotus root as well. but i think it is a different method.

  5. Whenever I see these chips, I know CNY is imminent! Happy CNY Elin!

  6. Great snack for Chinese New Year! I haven't tried that but they look very crispy and delicious.

  7. Hi pigpigscorner...haha yup this is so much better than potato chips...none can compare the natural sweetness of this arrowroots :)

    Hi Claire...ohhh please don't....

    Hi Little Lamb...yeah this is good for kids too as snacks...lots of goodness in it :)

    Hi grub...I have yet to try it out :) Thanks for reminding me. May want to try it out one day :)

    Hi Kenny...Piggies and I wishes you a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year to you too !

    Hi Mary..ohh u must try this out...your will get addicted to it once you have tried it out :)

    Hi Zurin...haha yuppy it is nice :)

  8. I love this chips very much. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Ann...thanks for dropping by and you are welcome :)

  10. This is very delicious, remind me of CNY.

  11. Hi MnYFoodtalk....yeah,,,seeing these arrowroot chips means CNY is near haha

  12. Hi,

    U may not need to post this.
    I think Arrowroot is the type we use to make soups, "Fun Got". Try looking at a box of arrowroot starch and u'll see the picture of the arrowroot.
    Ngaku is Arrowhead.

    Just my opinion.


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