Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Piggin' With Piggy Cuz :0

It has been a long time since we had dinner together with Piggy Cuz. And last week, we managed to find a time and pig out at Marpoh Restaurant. The dinner was a simple affair..just the five of us and we had a wonderful time together. Piggy Cuz is a very dear cousin of mine and she taught my Piggies piano lessons and my Piggies simply adore and admire her.  She taught them till Grade 8 and with them scoring distinctions all way. She is wonderful pianist and all her students love her.  They idolize her ...mmmmm even though she is strict with them. I enjoyed every performances I was invited to each year when her students performed. She taught them to performed in a small crowd which I think is good for the confidence and esteem of the students and since then my Piggies are not shy to perform to a crowd.  
We ordered each of our favourite dishes...the first dish was aubergine/egg plant with minced meat and fish paste fingers ( I nick name them fish fingers :p) a  yummy and flavorful dish. Second dish was their signature kwai fei tofu....the tofu is so smooth and soft and cooked with shrimps and sweetpeas. Third dish was greens - Stir fry Heong Mak with fermented yam bean ( fu yee ) , fourth dish was the signature chicken dish - Chi Law Kai - chicken pieces coated with honey and some spices ( can't make out what it was :p ) but definitely taste good...* wink , Piggy boy's favourite. The fifth dish was Assam Curry Garoupa Fillets - with long beans and the tofu pockets  :p  ( sorry I can't remember the english name for it -  tofu pok in cantonese ) and the sixth dish was Steam Fish with spicy sauce.  And we had dessert after the dinner at home of course....Piggy Cuz 's signature Yam Cake.  She can make them as good as her mom :)) Thanks Piggy Cuz for that delicious yam cake :))

their signature Tofu Dish

Stir fry Heong Mak with fermented yam beans

Chi Law Kai - coated with honey ...yummyumm

 savory and appetizing Assam Curry Garoupa Fillets

Steam fish with spicy sauce...another yummy and delicious fish dish

And this was the prized dessert for the day...delicious Yam cake made
by Piggy Cuz...another up and coming food blogger to be :p

Looking forward to more family gatherings with her :)

*    *    *


  1. Incidentally I was at Marpoh last night, should have ordered the assam fish fillet, looks delicious.
    Will do so in future.

  2. this is the signature dish of marpoh...

  3. They all look so goooooooooooooooooood!

  4. Lovely restaurant. I am drooling!!!

  5. Hi Cheah....yup their Assam Curry fish filles is tasty and a very appetising dish :)
    You must try it....yumm yumm

    Hi Claire...yup I like their style of cooking...very homecooked type :p

    Hi Angie...it is delicious too :)

    Hi Ellie.... haha watch out you flood your keyboard :p


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