Monday, March 1, 2010

Bloggers Meet Up At Madam Kwan's

We have been planning this meet up since Quinn suggested a month ago. She was the organizer and after all the ding dong emailing each other , we finally fixed the date and time and we met up at Madam Kwan's on the 27th February. This was my second meet up with other food bloggers . To meet them in real person was truly an experience I would treasure forever. Gifts exchanged and these sweet young gals received ang pow from the married ones but becoz I forgot to bring the red packets , these sweeties took home less one, LOL! 
There were 11 of us.  We knew each only through reading each other's blog and leaving comments on each other blogs...that was how we knew each other online . But now facing each other in real person was another thing! But the beautiful thing was we clicked and in no time we were chatting  like old buddies, wow...chatting like we have not seen each other for years :p

Our table was the most noisy one I think LOL!  I guess we didn't even realize it haha we were too engrossed with topics that was interesting...from photography to food * wink as you can see from the photos below, how engrossed we were...two groups, different topics and I was the luckiest one coz I was seated in the middle and so I get to hear both sides talking. One moment I was listening to Gertrude's conversation with Pei Lin and Piggy gal and the next moment I was in conversation with Sonia , Swee San, Bee Bee and Reese on my right and after a few minutes I was chatting with Quinn who was seated opposite me. I had swell of a time with these beautiful young ladies and I am looking forward to the next meeting with them...most probably next Chinese New Year ...LOL!

left: Tracie, Quinn, Joslynn, Reese, BeeBee, Swee San, Sonia, Elin, Gertrude and Pei Lin
Camera person - Piggy gal Joanna , thus not in the picture
took her there not for nothing...but to be my helper LOL!

Cheese! for the album!

Pei Lin and Gertrude deep in conversation...
wondered what Pei Lin was talking about ...must be interesting
since Gertrude and Joanna was listening so attentively * wink

And Quinn was smiling...what were you  thinking about  ..Quinn?
Thinking of Aaron ? :p
Can't wait to join him in Labuan the next day?

most of us ordered Nasi Lemak :)) 
it seems this is Madam Kwan's signature dish
really?  To me , it wasn't that nice as proclaimed
and we paid RM14.90 for that plate of nasi lemak :p
Only tourists will pay for that..
I guess we all were at that moment LOL!

their signature nasi lemak
came with this side condiment of achar -local  pickled veggies

their special tofu dish...sorry I can't remember that dish
coz Pei Lin was the one who ordered this :)

their char koay teow costs RM12.90 per plate
another item that only tourists will order

* I had a wonderful time with all of you last Saturday (27 Feb 2010 )
Travelling all the way from Ipoh to KL just to meet up with you great ladies
was worth it and I am already looking forward to our next one :))
Thanks for all your gifts and company. 
To Gertrude and Quinn, have a safe flight back
to Adelaide and US and keep in touch ** :))

*      *      *


  1. Elin, it is so good to meet the other fantastic foodie friends, I wish I were there in Malaysia with you all! hahaha

  2. I can only recognize you and your daughter (from Sonia's blog) I wish to join the party!
    The food looks also very tempting! But I guess none was really in the mood of eating!

  3. wow.. chefs meeting chefs all over the world! Should have called the media too! :)

  4. So good and nice for the group meet up, wish I were there too. I know most of you (of course thru online) but only recognise some of your faces.
    And the nasi lemak looks so tempting.

  5. I had a super swell time with you and the ladies too Elin! So great to finally meet you in person. ;) Glad you brought your princess along...else we won't have a good camera lady to help us, lol!*kidding* Love your egg mold! I have already put it to use! I made a fish molded egg for my daughter this morning to bring to school recess. Didn't tell her, but I bet she'll have a pleasant surprise seeing it.*thanks* year CNY would be great for our reunion, heehee. ;) At the meantime...see you around online. ;)

  6. Hi Elin,
    Nice meeting you, although we don't really chat much that day (cause too many of us, can't really concentrate in one) haha!
    Anyway, I really have a great time!
    Thanks for the egg mould too, made one for my daughter today, she loved it, and keep asking how i make..;p

  7. Thanks for the egg mould, and also Thanks to your daughter for helping us to take photo. Sorry I did not know your daughter has a blog, so I did not included her in my post. Keep in touch!

  8. Kenny & Angie....I wish you were both there with us fun to have both of you with us :)) Yup Angie, my hair color is the most distinguish feature haha that makes it easy for you to recognize me :p If you come to KL just let me know I will make a trip to KL and meet up with you guys there :))

    Claire....haha you kidding?

    Anncoo...the food was just okay. Yup it was fun meeting up with these beautiful food bloggers from all over especially when we only met oline and now get to meet with them in person...:)) They are great people and we had so much fun together and so at ease with each other too LOL!

    Bee Bee...haha great to have met you too and you are the first Singaporean food blogger I met so far :) So honored really :)) Do keep in touch ya. Haha what a creative mom you are..she must be thrilled to bits and what a wonderful surprise for her :))

    Reese...have fun with the egg mold. I made them for my Piggies and they were thrilled to bits even though they are now young adults :p It brings a smile to them each time I make it for them. In their salad or soup, it still brings joy to them LOL! problem haha she blogs different from me. Her blog is serious read haha whereas I am more playful :p Remember I am 25 always..LOL! Sure will keep in touch with you all :))

  9. Elin, thanks for coming all the way from Ipoh for the gathering. It was great meeting up with all of you and thanks for the gifts. I will put it to good use when I am back to US. Hope to meet up with you again next year.

  10. Gertrude...same to you too. Thanks for your beautiful gift. I will treasure it like ' kim ' :) can't wait to use it...been drooling at yours for some time already haha finally I have it at home now. Thank you so much and yess we will meet up again next year for sure. Take care and have a safe journey back. Keep In touch always ya. Regards to Carlos ya :))

  11. Hi Elin, was a pleasure meeting u :) Thanks for the cute egg mold hehe now i feel bad for not bringing anything.. oh well next time eh ? have a great week

  12. Hey Swee San...haha don't feel is not important your presence is! I had the most wonderful time with you and therest of the wonderful ladies. I am honored to have known you ..such an ccomplished cake maker...all those lovely fondant cakes you made had me bewitched ! I am looking forward to your blogging and your beautiful creations . Keep up the good work and keep blogging. Hope to meet up with you and the rest again :))

  13. wow we should meet up too! :) was doing cooking and baking demo that day! :(

  14. Wow Elin, so much fun! I know what you mean about your table was the noisiest! hahaha... When all the ladies get together and just imagine that.... all the fun chat and laughter and jokes! Then, how come Claire never show up?

  15. Hey BBO...:) ya

    Hey Kristy...Claire was too shy to attend. I invited her :)) but she can't make it this trip but she will join the next bloggers meet up :))

  16. Thanks Elin & Joanna for your wonderful and enjoyable company all the way from Ipoh!! Hope we'll meet again next year!

  17. Elin, it was such a pleasure meeting you & Joanna in person! Hahaha ...! Obviously, I'd been fooled by the chic and hip feel given by this blog of yours! Kudos to you! And you're one great cook and baker! Joanna is SO, SO lucky! All the Piggy Clan!

    Hope it wouldn't be our first and last gathering! Just wish that this is an annual event! Who knows, we may even have it in other cities as well in the future e.g. Ipoh & Singapore!

  18. Elin,

    Thank you very much for meeting up with us fellow bloggers. It was you and all of us that made the event a successful one so thank you to you too!

    Love the egg moulds and will use them to make bento for my 'big kid'.

    Still remember the cheesecake you promise me????Email me please!!!

    Till I see you again!


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