Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steamboat & Grill @ Two Plus One BBQ Restaurant

Despite the weather being so hot and humid yesterday night, we still went for steamboat and grill near Tesco Extra in Bercham. The restaurant is Two Plus One BBQ . They have a steamboat pot whereby you can two broth for the steamboat, either a chinese herbal soup or tomyam soup and they have the grill pan at the edge , round the steamboat stove. This is for those who just love grill and steamboat together. Quite cheap RM22 per head , eat all you want. Food was just average. But I was too lazy to cook and also to celebrate Piggy’s achievement in her finals . And she is top student and won the Book Prize award  from her college for outstanding achievement in the Engineering Faculty. I was too happy with the news that I just want to paint the town red with my Piggy gal *wink excuses I know ( just don't feel like cooking ). Just want to relax and fellowship with her before she leaves for UK in May. I know I will surely be love sick for my Piggy when she goes over to UK :(  Since she wants to have steamboat, we went to the nearest restaurant where they serve both steamboat and grill :))
There were many choices of fresh ingredients for the steamboat and grill  but the broth or soup offered were not that good.  We put everything onto the plates, foodstuff that we think we like to have for grills and steamboat and that's where the photography session starts. While waiting for the broth to boil , I might as well take a few shots of the food we had for the steamboat and grill. Their marinated meat, both chicken and beef were flavorful and the grills turned out finger licking good. Have a look at these steamboat ingredients...nothing special except for their marinated meat.

marinated curry ray fish on the left and slices of dory fish on the right

some kind of seashell snails meat on the left and bamboo clams on the right

marinated wings on the left and beef slices on the right

chinese cabbage on the left and curly lettuce on the right
fresh white oyster mushroom on the left and fresh enoki on the right

black seaweed on the left and stuffed chilli and salted veggie on the right

sea clams on the left and wet cuttle fish on the right

black chinese mushroom on the left and quail eggs on the right

beef slices on the left and into the grill pan

marinated boneless chicken meat rolled up in pandan leaves and into the grill pan
the grilled pandan chicken taste a bit like satay meat and otak otak and
the well done wings.was so finger licking good ! :))

Okay...finished with the food...let's enjoy these candid shots of Piggy! she will kill me when she see these posted up but one thing is for sure...she absolutely enjoyed the steamboat and grill. We ate leisurely and really enjoyed eating and chatting. Never put these momsie and daughter together...they eat and talk with their mouth full lol!  But we do really enjoyed ourselves. Daddy busy grilling the food for us...hohoho lucky us!

She  was really enjoying  the soup after all the sweet and tasty
after all the sweetness from the meat and seafood all infused into the soup!

**   Congrats Piggy for the excellent achievement and
we are proud of you!

*       *      *


  1. What is the thing roll in the Pandan leaf? Food looks delicious.Maybe just the soup not that good

  2. youare such a loving momsie Elin...ur daughter is so cute !

  3. hehhe...such an interesting cute post.. lazy momzie, smart girlie..
    those pics are so natural.. your girl looks like her dad actually.. esp when she laughs...

  4. Hi Elin,
    So nice food you had! Yup the weather is hot but who can resist these yummy food?! I can't! haha!
    Btw, very beautiful pictures taken..:)

  5. Congratulations to your daughter for her great achievement. I love steamboat too, RM 22 per head, not cheap ler..

  6. Congrats on your girl's success! Wow, isn't it hot there? This place seems very 'laku'.

  7. Congrats to Piggy girl! She's so clever! :)
    I can feel the happiness of Elin while writing up the post. :P

  8. Hi small is boneless chicken meat seasoned like satay and rolled up with the pandan leaves. After grilling it, it is great and taste wonderful. The base soup is lousy ..I don't think I want to go again :p

    Hi Zurin...thanks my head is swelling adi lol!

    Hi Claire....haha lazy to cook ma. haha yup she do looks like both of us ( Daddy and me la) :p

    Hi Reese...haha when it comes to food..who bothers about the weather. Eat and sweat away lo haha:))

    Hi Sonia...yup not cheap considering the food served are cheap stuff :p but I too lazy to cook and got excuse to celebrate ma * wink

    Hi Cheah ...thanks...when do you want to meet up? :)) Can't wait to meet up with u :)

    Hi Little Inbox...haha thanks Yup I am very HAPPY becoz she beats the guys ;p little gal will be graduating in a short while . I remembered when she took her first step...was like just a while ago :p


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