Friday, March 12, 2010

Shrimp Omelette aka ' Foo Yung Dan '

This is a simple dish for lazy or no time to cook wives, like me of course  :p  This is the simplest and easiest way to whip up an egg dish . Full of nutritions , with the shrimps, onions and chinese sausages added to the already full of protein beaten eggs.  The aroma wafting from the kitchen was really great  and I served this for dinner last night . An insight into my simple lifestyle and one of the simple food  I would normally serve at the table when I am too lazy to cook something elaborate and this dish though it is simple but the wonderful flavor can really whet ones appetite!  The chinese called this dish ' Foo Yung Dan ' and most restaurants have this dish on  their menu :))
Get ready 3 or 4 eggs, whisk it in one bowl  together with some white pepper and salt. Cut some chillies, onions into rings, 6 or 7 shrimps with shells removed, 1 chinese sausage cut into thin slices and some chopped garlic. A handful of cut scallions ( 1" length) . Saute the garlic with 1 tablespoon of olive oil till fragrant, add in the sausage and chilli till half cooked, add in the shrimps and onions and stir fry till the shrimps turned orangey or cooked. Add in scallions and the beaten eggs and  when the bottom turned lightly brown, flip it over and cooked till the other side is brown and cooked. Dish up and served hot.

ingredients : chinese sausage, shrimps, onion, garlic and chillies

add in the cut scallions and ....

pour in the beaten eggs mixture on 
cooked  ingredients

this is how the shrimps omelette looks ....yummilicious

I love the scallions and the onion in the shrimps omelette

Enjoy !   

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  1. yes..i love fu yong dan. Used to rder this at the restaurant before have kids. Now mostly order claypot taufu for the gravy

  2. This is one dish that I cooked very often especially when I don't want to cook anything eleborate. With this one dish it is enough for me :)

  3. This is the egg dish that we normally order when we eat out, suitable with rice or plain porridge.

  4. yum yum! We will order this most of the time when we dine out. Good idea for my dinner tonight..hee hee! Thanks!

  5. This reminds me I have so long did not cook Foo Yung Dan, must cook this soon.

  6. Elin, only you can make a simple egg dish look so tempting. I want to eat the prawns off the screen! Aaron doesn't like prawn so we never buy them in Australia plus they are expensive anyway!

  7. Hi small kuching, Gertrude, Angie, Cheah, Reese, Sonia and Quinn...

    this is such a simple and easy to whip up one dish . It is the ingredients you want to add in that will make it more delicious and I do love this way of making egg omelette. I agree with Gert, just this one dish is enough for me too :))

  8. Hi Elin,

    Have tried your Foo Yung Dan last night but I forgot to add in the chinese sausages - still it taste wonderful & delicious. Tq for sharing your wonderful recipes


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