Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tofu Delight

I bought a piece of japanese tofu today and I stared at it not knowing what to do with it...meaning should I just steam it plain or with fillings. I looked through the fridge and see what I can do with it and after staring at the things in the fridge, I know what I want to do with that piece of white soft tofu. I put together some fish paste and minced meat ( I used minced pork ) , added some pepper, chopped chilli and a squirt of light soy sauce and that's it. A last minute after thought, I added dried scallops, the small size type and lily buds as garnishing .  A beautiful toppings for the tofu. So easy a task and the end result a plate of tofu deliciousness. 
Sometimes, when you don't plan the menu , it will turn out great. Planned menu may not turn out nice at times. Today's dish turned out superb...seriously it was so delicious that I wish I had bought 2 pieces instead of one piece :))  

before steaming...I added dried scallops to give the fillings extra flavor :p
and the lily buds are just for decoration :P

added some garden grown italian parsley for coloring and flavor

 added some wolfberries ...* optional

after steaming the tofu, I made some sauce to complement the 
tofu deliciousness.

this is so good.......

Tofu Delight 


1 piece of japanese tofu - slice into 6 pieces

tofu toppings (A)
70 gm fish paste
70gm minced meat
1/2 tbsp of light soy sauce
2 chillies- chopped
1 tsp of wolf berries - soaked and washed clean * optional

6 pieces of small dried scallops 
6 pieces of lily buds

1 pip garlic - chopped
1 tabsp of oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp of olive oil
1/2 cup water


1. Slice the tofu into 6 pieces. Arrange on a steaming plate . 
2. Combine ingredients A together into a paste till well mixed.
3. Scoop a heapful of the paste onto the surface of the tofu. 
4. Add dried scallops and the lily buds , one on top of each tofu as garnishing.
5. Steam the tofu under high heat for 10 - 12 minutes. Take out and pour away the excess water from the dish.
6. Saute garlic with olive oil till fragrant . Add oyster sauce and water and simmer till the sauce boils , add in chinese cooking wine and thickening. Dish up and gently pour over the steamed tofu. Serve hot.


*      *      *


  1. Mmmm....I can eat that alone as a meal!

  2. Mmm...I love tofu. Can finished up the whole plate of this yummy tofu.

  3. Aiyoyo...these are so delicious! How could I missed these. Good to see back in cooking and baking again, Elin!


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