Monday, March 22, 2010

' Buah Belinjau ' Chips

' Buah Belinjau'  Chips or what our local people called them  Empingan Buah Belinjau. This is a famos chips from the Belinjau fruit. I love this chips from Indonesia. They are bigger and thicker compared to our Malaysia ones. It has a ssubtle bitterish flavor. It is healthy because it is flour added, no preservatives and no coloring and no salt. It has a natural sweetness that you want to go on eating it. Piggy Jo  has taken a liking to it since she was 8 yrs old. She takes after me where food is concern...errr  'the upstair ' from the dad of course Lol! Give the wild boar  Daddy the credit where it is due :))  The picture next page shows  the ' Buah Belinjau ' tree with its fruits hanging waiting to be make into chips . In Malaysia , it is found along the coastal town of Terengganu. The Malaysia ones are smaller in  size compared to the Indonesia ones  taste more bitterish . The Indonesia ones are bigger and the chips are thicker. I liove the Indonesia ones for its thickness and they are not so bitterish in taste.  
The fruit has medicinal value. I understand that it reduces sugar level in the blood and helps protect the kidneys. Wow...lots of goodness in this buah belinjau.  I will surely want to do further research on it ;p
It is a healthy snack that I love to tuck in while working on my work project. It really takes the stress out of me ...eating is one good way to destress :))  Yup...I am highly stressed these days because I am suffering from baking withdrawal syndrome.... I want to BAKE !  So, I baked tonight...something new and I hope it will turn out well...from the new book I bought yesterday . I will post up the cake recipe tomorrow...stay tuned. I am happy I managed to squeeze sometime out to bake again . While I am writing this post it is baking in the oven...keeping my fingers crossed that it will be good * wink... I can smell the aroma coming from the oven as it is baking in the hot rectangle box I can't do without. ...yeap my faithful oven :P

this is the buah belinjau tree with the fruits ready for plucking

this is dried chips I bought from the shop......simply love it

just to show the difference between before and after

 love this crispy, bitterish eat one you can't stop at one lol!

Hope this will take away your Monday blues...... ^   *

*        *        *


  1. that is what the buah belinjau looks like. Hubi used to buy back from indon.

  2. Elin, I've tasted this chips before when our helper brought it back from Indonesia. To me they are a bit bitter and on tasteless side. Still prefer our keropok ubi or udang :)

  3. Haven't heard of this before. But now that you mention that they're a bit bitter, may have eaten them before but not knowing what they were!

  4. so snacky time while working on project? :p

  5. I've completely forgotten about this chips, my dad taught us how to eat it and I love it. Haven't had this for over 23 years since I moved to US. Don't know where I can get this here in US. Let me .

  6. where do u get your supply? my parents love these especially if they are really thin and bitter.

  7. I remember I used to stay away from these chips because of the after bitter taste. But now I love them...must be the age or something, hahaha... But I heard from my MIL that these can make her joints ache?! Not sure how true it's that. :P Thanks for sharing though. :)

  8. I never know this buah, wish I can try it out one day.

  9. I love this Buah Belinjau Chip because of the bitter flavor.
    You know something, my neighbour have this tree in their garden, only now I know about this tree...

  10. Hi small kucing...yup thats how it looks like...taste good too if you like bitterish after taste. Local are more bitterish and have a stronger aroma.

    Hi Gert...hubby aso prefer the keropok ubi but I prefer this haha so no nid to fight over it , less man more share :p

    Hi Claire...haha I have just finished my work project so will be freer now..hahaha I am so glad I can go back to my baking and blogging passion my life * wink

    Hi Little Chateau....I am from Malaysia so it is easier to get it from the wholesaler shop. My friend bought for me :) I really don't know whether they sell it in US.

    Hi Javapot...My friend bought for me from one of the wholesaler shop. The thin ones you can get from east coast of Malaysia that is Terengganu and Kelantan.

    Hi Bee Bee...I don't really know much except that it is good for diabetes :))

    Hi Sonia...haha you should try it out...good for health though it has a slight bitterish taste. Healthy snack :))

    Hi is cool to have the tree in one 's garden. Your neighbor must be a great fan of this buah belinjau.

  11. Yup its nice but for people suffering from gout stay away from this coz it's high in uric acid.

  12. hi elin,
    i used to have this chips almost every day when my grandmother was still alive.

    now that she's passed on, I've never found this food again. really brings me to the good ol' days.

    thanks for refreshing my memories relating to this belinjau chips...


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