Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spaghetti Aglio Olio For Beatrice's Birthday - Pot Bless

We had a pot bless on Sunday night in church which coincide with the chinese ' Chap Goh Meh ' night. I really don't know what to cook when my friend Honey rang me up and asked me what I am bringing for the pot bless. After some thoughts, with me just back from the bloggers meet up in KL, I decided to make something simple and easy to prepare and at the same time doesn't tires me out. And this was the best dish to take for pot bless. Spaghetti Aglio Olio with lots of cherrry tomatoes would be ideal for the nite function. This pasta would be a hit with my church members...They love this flavorful pasta and I love to cook this for it is simple and is easy to prepare.
This pot bless was not to  celebrate Chap Goh Meh but to celebrate our church youngest member, Beatrice's birthday, it was her 10th birthday.  We were to invite our friends and family to the pot bless. I knew there will be a big crowd so I made more of this spaghetti. And you won't believe or rather I was surprised that my big mixing bowl of Spaghetti  Aglio Olio just disappeared after  half an hour.  There were many dishes..each member brings a dish and so you can imagine how many dishes there were.  I was busy indulging myself in gluttony that I forgot to shoot the rest of the food.   I can name them here for you ...but you have to imagine them using your best imagination skill....:p  Besides my pasta dish, there were Braised Black Pepper Chicken , Stir Fry Mixed Veggies , Lamb Stew , Curry Chicken,  Potato Salad,  Fruit Salad , Achar ( Pickled Veggies Nyonya Style )  Fried Mee, Yam Cake, Curry Puffs , Savoury Glutinous Chicken Rice , Popiah, and Dessert was Fruit Jellies and watermelon slices and Barley With Soy Milk  Soup . Every dish came in big portion and we stuffed our tummy full and when it comes to the cutting cake part ,  no one seems interested in the cake for everyone was so full....gluttony is therefore a sin alright ! LOL!  just kidding...I was busy indulging myself in this sinful walloping spree. 

 happy to declare that everyone went for this pasta dish first
coz they were tricked by the colorful tomotoes in the pasta :p

this is our 10th year birthday gal..Beatrice..

she is as tall as her aunties....and she is only 10 whereas the aunties are
all in their fifties :p

this cake was baked by Honey our church baker :p
a fruit flan...mmmm yummy
for your information I devoured  2 big slices
and now I have to go on a diet for the next week
I have put on 2 Kg since CNY and I have not
been doing any brisk walking for the past few weeks..

Pot Bless in the church always brings the members closer together
and how true....food does bring people together !
the universal language that brings people of all races together
I always look forward to a  wonderful and warm pot bless !

Happy10th  Birthday Beatrice
and God Blessings be upon you always!

*       *       *


  1. wow such an awesome celebration! great people!

  2. I am not surprised at all to know that the spaghetti was gone in half an hour......so delicious!

  3. I love Aglio Olio~~can eat a lot..heehee...

  4. Wor, that 10years old girl is so tall, like my daughter, but she has more meat than my daughter, hehehe..I alwayslove Aglio Olio, plain but flavourful.I must go plain diet too, but not sure I will keep this or not, because my hand feel itchi like want to do some baking, hahaha..

  5. Oh the pasta looks delicious! Happy Birthday to Beatrice!

  6. The spaghetti looks gorgeous and Beatrice is a tall young lady. Will also need to go on a diet....

  7. Mmmmm..Yummy! Speghetti is my daughter's favourite! She always had a big portion (bigger then mine)..;p And yours look so so so delicious!

  8. Aglio olio is my favorite! Simple and delicious. I love it with lots of garlic. Yummy!

  9. Hmm ... Haven't tried this before. Thanks for sharing! By your description, it does sound delish. I may look out for it later whenever I'm free ... Sounds like something I'd die to try!

  10. is there a simpler recipe for pasta aglio olio?

    just pasta n add in olive oil? will that work?

  11. Hi guys, I have been pretty busy the last few nites :)) sorry for the late reply...

    BBO...haha yup it is. I have always love pot bless/pot luck...lots to eat and mostly home cooked. All aunties wanting to show off their talent in cooking and baking and what else I wallop all , give up my my diet plan for a nite :p

    Angie...the church members love it cook this way...simple and delicious and not to mention colorful too :p

    Anncoo...me too...like magic it vanished within half an hour! :p

    Zurin...haha thanks :)

    Sonia...haha she is pretty too..beautiful complexion :p do bake so that I can learn from you :)

    Sook...thanks on behalf of Beatrice. Will convey your wishes to her :)

    Cheah...thanks :) me too...I have put on way * shudder , thinking of all the sinfully rich food I had eaten the last few weeks :p

    Reese...haha I guess everyone loves pasta eaten this way...simple and yet delicious, thanks:))

    Joslynn...yup garlic and the black pepper plus the olive oil and tomatoes and italian parsley make it aromatic and tasty :)

    Pei Lin...mizz chatting with you :) mizz your baking too. Do try this out, it is tasty.

    Little Lamb... it won't taste that good if just olive oil and salt. I prefer it this and it is simple already compared with Bolognaise :p


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