Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Gift So Cute..My Cutie Little Piggy Snack Plate.....

This cutie is so cute that I can't stop ogling at it. So cute...right? This snack plate with the piggy on it was given to me as a gift from my Piggy Cuz. I so love it and thanks Piggy Cuz for this so cute little snack plate. She has instilled in me now to watch out for any cutlery and kitchenware with Piggies design on it lol! For your information , she bought this when she was on holiday and she told me this is the only one left on the shelf ...the one and only and I am so blessed to have this one and only one :)) She does have my interest at heart...always thinking of me and my Piggies and my blog even when she goes for her holidays....I guess food reminds her of me and my blog.  So thoughtful of her. Once again, thank you Piggy Cuz for this cutie snack plate :) Okay, I know I have said it many times... I love this and this will join my others props .

By the way..I have been so busy with my work project that I hardly have time to cook any thing from my new cookbooks and my To Do List is piling the way I just bought another cookbook for just one recipe in it...crazy !  I wish I have 36 hours a day so that I can continue to work and at the same time I can indulge in my baking. Thanks for always dropping me a line in my comment box. I love to hear from you all makes me feel great that you are always there to support my humble blog :)) Do keep in touch and continue to drop me a line.... I do miss my baking and I am now suffering from withdrawal syndrome....Awwwwwww.....I need to bake and my oven is in cold storage at the moment.........

I promise to find the time to stay tuned..after this project is over I will be back with more goodies for you. For the time being just have a look at my new piggy snack plate * wink

Have a great weekend !


  1. I think i saw this plate beforebut cant recall from where. will let u know if i saw more

  2. What a cute plate. Me too, cannot resist buying cute cute things. I always tell my hubby, all my property is in my kitchen...hahaa...
    Have a great weekend.*

  3. That's very nice of Piggie! Now you have another piggie prop added into your Piggie-ish family!

  4. Very nice snack plate Elin..:)
    I always like cute cutlery & kitchenware. I can spend hours looking at it even without buying...hee hee..;p
    Btw..I will also buy a book for just one recipe..actually I always did..haha!
    **Waiting for your new post**

  5. eh... no time huh? work project? i wonder what project u r working on now... *wink*

  6. That's a nice find...especially so when it has such a cute little piggy on it.
    Hope to see more of your yummy food :)

  7. That is absolutely adorable...I love it!!!

  8. Hi!Elin,
    nice to meet u! I'm new in ur blog! love ur cooking n ur photo..., so...nice! n love ur plate too...! he!he! :) I love piggy too!



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