Thursday, March 4, 2010

~ La Dolce Vita- Sweet Things From The Home Kitchen ~

Goodness gracious! I have added another cookbook to my collection ! :p  :) How could I resist this book Italian La Dolce Vita - Sweet Things From The Home Kitchen…awww really, I am just speechless but I do love some of the recipes in there. Those colorful pictures have me itching to bake them :p  Will try to bake them as soon as I find the time. Now I am busy with some projects I am doing  :)  but this is the lastest update on books I bought. New year resolutions are made not to be kept LOL! 

The other ice cream book was given to me as a gift from my Piggy gal for Xmas. I have forgotten about it after unwrapping the wrappers. Haha found it among other books in the room….shhhhh don’t tell her that or she won’t give me any more.

I went to Robinson in The Gardens and scouted around for an ice cream maker..Cuisinart that costs RM2669… the price is expensive but with compressor , that’s why it is expensive but I do want so much of that icecream making thingy. Well, I guess I have to save more moolah to buy that since I have so many ice cream books :p  well can think about it when the moolah rolls in * wink

this is my piggy gal's gift to me...and I almost forgotten about it
stacked among my magazines...sshhhh

this is one stolen glance and I am sold !
La Dolce Vita
Sweet Things From The Home Kitchen

Wooow...I love this kind of sponge cake...light and delish !

Remember I said this  " new year resolutions are made not to be kept "  ( ^  * )

Have a nice day  (  ^     *  )

*       *      *


  1. Cool! I hope you start trying some of the recipes from the book sooooooooooon!

  2. I know I won't be able to put my hands off those books! Good gracious, thank god I am a very well self control person. haha.... So, no expensive cookbooks! Can only read at the store and no carry out! haha... I think the shop will go bankrupt if all the customers are like ME!
    Btw, did I mention to you that I've an award for you? Do drop by to collect it.
    Cheers, Kristy

  3. Angie...I will :)) But now too busy with work project to start baking yet :)

    Swee San..yup very expensive...cheaper in Singapore I think :) that price is with compressor that is why so expenisve but I love it:(

    Kristy...thanks for the award. Will pick it up :) present too busy with work project..tired so will bake only during the weekend :)


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