Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mango Pomegranate & Cream...Anyone?

Mango Mango Mango! That's what we have been eating the last few days. We just love it and I saw some US pomegranate on sale and I took home some the other day. How would you like it , having a plate of this while watching your favorite drama. That's what I did now that my project is done . Relaxing time for me :p 

the mango was sweet and succulent :))

I don't like to waste food so since I have some non-diary whip cream
around, I put to use those too !  Earned extra calories for losing some
weight during the work project lol!

cream and mango and pomegranate...anyone ?
Only Elin will have such fancy in her dessert :p

Have a great day.... :)))

*       *       *


  1. Mango and Pomegranate!! YES PLEASE!!
    This looks so so yummy. :))

  2. Simple and delicious. I can eat this all the time. Mango is my favourite.

  3. i wannnnn....aiyo....i am going to pengsan liao.

  4. Hello,
    There's an award for you at my blog. Feel free to pick em up!

    Have a nice day!

  5. I love pomegranate. I love picking and eating it one seed at a time in front of the TV.

  6. This is very delicious and healthy! I don't mind to eat extra.

  7. Miranda....:) yup yuppy yummy

    Mary...mine too :))

    Smallkucing...haha don't pengsan...when I am not there to hold you :p

    Tracie...thanks for the award :) I am honored.

    Gertrude....yup me too but over here is expensive..local ones are cheaper but sour. The US ones are excpensive but sweet :))

    Anncoo...haha me too I don't mind when it is so yummy esp eating while watching a drama :))


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