Friday, April 2, 2010

Savoury Meat Patties

Meat patties can be prepared in many style...for me, I would preferred meat patties with lots of spring onions , dried breadcrumbs ( panko) , salted fish . The breadcrumbs makes the patties moist and the spring onions and salted fish give flavor to the patties. I like my meat patties to be savoury and tasty. Therefore most of the time I would prepare the patties this way. These can be served as finger food or you can shape them into meatballs and served them with your spaghetti bolognese. Wonderful accompaniment for rice dishes and pasta.
The trick for a crispy outside and a moist and juicy inside is to coat the pattties with potato flour. You can use any type of meat, chicken , pork or beef. This is a very appetizing patties and I am sure you will not stop at will want the whole plate for yourselves...I am the one who will not stop just with two ...I would love to have the whole plate to myself :p You know Daddy loves this dish. Each time I cook this , he will come charging into the kitchen and ask for sure  " when is dinner ?..I am I have to wait till you have finished with your photoshoot ? " I guess the salted fish gave him the hunger pang :p  So for this time I allowed him to tax a few before dinner time. When the wild boar   ooopps I mean Daddy, is fed properly, he will not come charging at me and start harrassing me .LOL!

blend all the ingredients together for a tasty and flavorful patties
keep stirring it with a pair of chopstick
 till the mixture is heavy and sticky...

I flatten it to cut short the cooking time. The thinner the faster it cooks
coz the wild boar  ooopps Daddy came charging into the kitchen and harrassing
" when is dinner ? "   :p

crispy  patties that will surely whet your appetite .........

Savoury Meat Patties


350 gm minced meat  (  either chicken, beef , pork )
chopped spring onion
1/2 cup of panko - dried breadcrumbs
1 thumbsize piece of salted fish
1 egg white
oil for frying

for coating :

1 cup of potato flour
vegetable oil for deep frying


Combine ingredients A with the minced meat in a bowl . Use a pair of chopstick, stirring continuously till the mixture is heavy and sticky. Shape into either meatballs or roll into a round ball , after which coat them with potato flour and lightly flatten it while frying in oil under medium heat. Turn over sides to make sure it is even browned and cooked. Dish up and drain the excess oil from the patties on a kitchen paper towel. Place on a serving plate and serve it with a bowl of rice.

Enjoy !

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  1. Hey, I'm the first to taste them. My children love them, especially my son! It's past midnight now and I feel hungry looking at those darn good pics!

  2. Mmm....looks delicious. I'll have this with noodles and sit in front of the TV....enjoy my food and enjoy my TV :D

  3. That looks so yummy! I think I would love to have some sweet chilie dips with them.

  4. mmmmmmmmm I am hungry now.

  5. Hi Elin,
    I like this with white steam rice...yummy!
    Btw,I'll like to know if I can replace the potato flour with some cornflour? Will it still be crispy?

  6. Hi Cheah...haha yup..this is an appetizing dish. My family loves this :))

    Hi too...loves this savoury piece of meat :))

    Hi Angie...yesss...with chile dip and wasabi would be great. I am a great fan of wasabi

    Hi Ann...nice of you to drop by. Hope you will out the buns recipe :))

    Hi Reese....potato flour will give it a crispy texture and can keep crispy for some time. Of course you can use corn flour but it won't keep it crispness for long. Dp try using potato flour for even fried chicken. I have a recipe using it for chicken it kept its crispness until the last piece.Check this out.

  7. These look crunchy and delicious. I like that they can be used in so many different ways!


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